GPU Temp with Vsync very high?

Hi guys!
Been playing this game but my GPU temps are annoying me ( 64º Celsius). Changing graphics settings (lowering) do not change anything. FPS limit always 60 with Vsync.
For comparison:

  • PoE runs at 38º-44º even on full load (Delirium, Beyond, Breach, etc).
  • Dark Souls 3 runs at 38º -46º .
  • Cyberpunk runs 55º -61º .

Will this be corrected on the future? I mean, don’t wanna be disrespectful in anyway but this game has worse graphics and animations and gpu temp is nuts.
If anybody solved it and has suggestions I appreciate. Thanks in advance!

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Hey there…

Vsync is the hardware limit of your screen… e.g. a 60hz screen has a hardware limit of showing 60 frames per second. If you enable Vsync then that is what your framerate will be pegged at and cannot go higher.

Based on helping out in the tech section of the forum, I dont recommend using Vsync in LE right now… Use Framerate limiting - it does effectively the same thing (depending on what limit you use - i.e. no point in faster than your monitor can show)… Framerate limiting works better and prevents LE from doing odd things performance wise. Obviously dont try to enable both Vsync & framerate limiting at the same time as they can conflict/contradict each other and I am not sure if LE handles that well… Oh, and dont every play LE with the framerate unlimited… that is the path to the darkside of instability and weird crap…

Remember LE is in beta and is generally unoptimised so comparing it to released games doesnt really serve much purpose… My guess is that LE is probably 1, maybe more, quality tiers unoptimised…(resolution aside)… i.e. people playing on Low quality now, should probably be able to play on Medium (maybe with some High) settings once the game is optimised… Thats just my guess obviously as I have no insight into Unity 2019.4 LTS optimisation and dont work for EHG.

You dont mention your resolution or game quality settings but 64 degree C is not really that much of an issue for a graphics card… I’d be concerned if it were getting to the 80’s… The threshold for temps all depends on your GPU chipset tho.

Framerate limiting, resolution & quality do have a noticeable effect on temps/performance - I have tested this on my own systems many times… Its just that right now, you are unlikely to see a difference when going from Ultra to Very High or even High… but you will definitely see a difference from Ultra to Very Low… Resolution simply compounds the change depending on your GPU capabilities… Framerate limiting makes the biggest difference - especially if you have a less capable GPU that is being pushed… a reduction of only 5fps as the max setting can make a big difference in temps on a GPU that is working hard…

So… tl;dr… LE is unoptimised, settings do affect temps/performance, when EHG dedicate time to optimisation, I expect performance to improve.

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Thanks for the complete reply, mate. So I guess I’ll just have to wait for them to optimize. They are working on multiplayer and I know this is an important business direction, but I hope they take their time to optimize this game cause do not make sense it demands more than others games which are much more complex and greater in terms of functions and graphics. If the solo experience is this unoptimised I imagine multiplayer will be two times worse and new players will drop out.

They have already indicated that MP has forced them to optimise quite a bit of the game - one would hope that this will improve single player too. Things have already filtered down like minion limits restricted for performance reasons etc… I expect there to be many more such and under the hood changes.

A lot of the optimisation has to wait until more of the content is stable - no point in optimising something that would be removed/replaced - e.g. entire skills have been reworked from scratch in recent patches so optimising them would have wasted time that I think we all hope the devs would be using on MP or content…

For now, and, lets face it, the forseeable future, the workarounds and being conservative with settings are just things we have to accept… For some its a mountain too high and I recommend that they forget about LE till launch… for the diehard rest of us who want to play… well, we make do as best we can… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is really nice info to hear. Thanks mate.
hahaha in fact I was playing minutes ago :rofl:
I started my third character. In the beginning of the game GPU temperature are more ok, like 49º-52º, still high for what’s happening on the screen, but acceptable. On monoliths things starts to get a little crazy 60º-64º. But I have to say, although temps are high, games runs smoothly 60 FPS mostly of the time at least using VK. For Bladedancer, well, with flurry’s insane attack speed and huge enemies group I can’t expect it to runs smoothly, I imagine how crazy it is for the game to process all the calculations in short time.

Yip… You will notice lots of things like that…

As I mentioned, I wouldnt really worry about temps at your levels… Try reducing your framerate limit (nothing else) by 5 fps… I doubt you will notice it during play, but you may get a noticeable temp reduction…

Lots of enemies etc… are surefire ways of illustrating the performance issues.

VK is ok, until you spam Devouring Orbs… not as bad as it used to be performance wise but still can be heavy when its doing screen wide AoE… Even simple things like stacking ailments can cause performance issues for some… each ailment is actually an independent time/damage/proc effect applied to a mob/character so if you stack 15 stacks of bleed on a mob, thats 15 individual DoTs of damage - multiply by x mobs and things get complicated… :wink:

Nice to know! Looking forward to the multiplayer! After Elden Ring I will play a lot :smiley:

You do not mention if your GPU is Nvidia or AMD, if you have AMD make sure that VSYNC is OFF with these cards, which are not compatible with the driver. If your card is Nvidia follow Vapourfire’s advice.

Additionally, attempt to improve airflow into the case for the fans to work better, I used one of those little Air conditioning units and put it in front of the intake fan and it dropped the temp a good 10º Some case configurations allow for higher fan settings via BIOS or Command Center style of software.

Hi mate! Thanks for the suggestions! I have a NVidia 3070 FTW and my case is a Trooper. I think as Vapourfire said the game itself needs more optmization and I’m wrong comparing an Early Access game with already released ones. The devs are optimizing the game along with multiplayer so I think when I come back in may/june, probably it will be in a better state :slight_smile:

Sure thing, there are known issues with AMD cards, and wanted to point that out, also increased airflow always cools down temps. The game does need its clean-up routines for optimization, for things like twitch out deaths of mobs, edge of shadows from broken objects, shadowing from mobs, and items on the ground are the other major issues.

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