Got a question about lootfilters!

so i always used a lootfilter specific for the build i found and the build author always had a lootfilter for that build like early game/mid game/lategame i just selected it and was ready to go but this time im playing warlock theres no guides for the build theres no lootfilters for it aswell? so there is no way i can configure my own lootfilter i cant really bother it would take me several hours and even then i dont know exactly all the ins and out how to set it up correctly is there some kinda general good filter i could use for acolyte class?

You can grab the normal lootfilter you got and save it. When 1.0 hits you simply add the affixes you need in and remove the ones you don’t need.
That’s 5 minutes of checking boxes.

It’s actually really easy to make a loot filter in just minutes.

You don’t have to tell me :smiley: .

You are right, I clicked the wrong reply. I’m better at loot filters than forum navigation :frowning:

You casn take one from forum and duplicate it. Than chage it like you want. You may need 1 or 2 rules changes mb class spec or weapon type.

There are a few kicking around that I’ve seen although I’ve not grabbed them yet for Warlock. I plan to just get it saved in game prior to 1.0, then just turn it on. I’m sure there’s more today as well as we get closer.

edit: found this one, he has a lootfilter link in the comments for warlock which could change. Hope this helps.

Happens to the best of us ^^