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Golem - Tower of Bones Question

Hi Question about Aggro regeneration of your Golem:

Golem Skilltree:
How many points in Tower of Bones do you usually need for the Golem to hold the Aggro?
And about +Size: Does the “Size” of your summons also generate Aggro?
Coulnt find anything about Size machanic

Ok, I put two points in the Tower of Bones and it seems enough for the Golem
to hold aggro on bosses and mobs
still no clue what +Size does

As far as I know size is just that. It doesn’t seem to effect much other than (it looks like) effecting the radius of things like bone spike nova and fire aura. I would also assume a potential downside is allowing for more tiny melee mobs to attack the golem at once, yet also create larger aoe on slams.

This is just with some visual guesstimation though. I got to where you have 10 minimum level on respecs and tested the fire golem node with a single golem, the double golem passive, the double golem with points in size to compensate, and a single golem with bonus size. In all cases I’m lead to believe size indirectly effects AOE size on certain golem skills.

@hokusai the difference is size effects things like the radius of the fire aura; I noticed that getting two wee golems makes the overall size of the aura drop accordingly. Size iirc also effects taunt directly e.g. they go after the bigger guy. I don’t think it’s just cosmetic.

To answer OP’s question, I run 4 slots in Tower and with that and my fire aura, my golem(s) do all the tanking very reliably. It might be overkill but I find it useful to keep things from picking off my back lines, so I’m happy with it.