Gold Prophecy for CoF

I’ve been enjoying the release so far and loving CoF, but I’ve found myself with a small problem.
My stash tabs can’t keep up with my CoF induced loot. Even with as strict of a filter as I’m willing to run currently, I’m picking up 2-3 stash tabs worth of exalted items before I get enough gold to make space for 1 tab of them in my exalted category, they’re filling up my idol tabs, unique tabs, everywhere. As the price of tabs increases it’s going to get harder and harder to keep up even if I raise my filter strictness. I haven’t even gotten to the 25% of rares dropping as exalted yet.
Meanwhile I hear people on the trade side talking about millions of gold.

TLDR; Would it be possible to get prophecies for gold maybe in the accessories constellation?


I’ve definitely been experiencing a similar sort of issue. So far, my solution has been to only keep Exalted items with 2 T6+ modifiers, and Uniques with LP, and even then I’m having trouble.

I’d go for this kind of prophecy as well. :+1:

good idea would welcome it as well

It might cause inflation in the Merchant’s League. Unlike other drops, gold won’t be faction bound. You gain a slight gold advantage from CoF by duplicated gold mono rewards.
You might want to hoard less and be more picky about which items to keep.
And the gold reward from Fall of the Outcasts is a must for CoF.

sorry, what gold reward from outcasts?

The Scales of Greed blessing from the first Monolith.

ah thank you, i always pick the unique drop chance so this didnt even occurred to me

It’s not always a choice that’s offered the first time through. When I did it, the choices were for drop rates of some idols, uniques and runes.