Going over the 3 warpath bugs for sentinel

the being stuck in warpath bug happens when you tap warpath and don’t hold it down for 1-2 spins before letting go

there’s one that keeps you spinning but doesn’t do animation or damage which happens if you let go warpath while being stuck in warpath bug too soon, just use another ability or reattempt holding it down for 2 seconds and letting go to have it fix itself

the third bug turns warpath into a hula hoop of death while you walk around normally (minus being slower due to still channeling the skill) this bug is the hardest to replicate but all you have to do is stand still, easiest to do in a corner somewhere and double tap warpath really fast(right click is the easiest to pull it out off with) sometimes itll do the stuck warpath bug but once you get the feeling down you’ll be able to almost do the hula hoop bug every time

hopefully that link works and basically shows how the bug is supposed to look when you’ve done it

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Seeing the same issues, Linux client, online. Haven’t tested offline.

Edit: This doesn’t seem to happen while in offline mode.

We’re tracking this issue internally, thanks for the report.

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