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God Blessings

Ive been playing through the story quite a few times now and one thing that keeps bugging me are the blessings we get from the Gods.
Everytime we get one its a nice animation with a kind of glyph that lights up for a little bit. However other then story progression there is nothing done with this.

Now im no developer or a creative person at all, but i just feel like something more can be done with this. Maybe something simple like the glyphs being dormant in your inventory/charater screen, and lit up when acquired. This already would have people look/hunt for them and read up a bit on it, if there is some Lore attached. Would get people a bit more into the story too.
Maybe a bit more could be attached too, like some small buffs. They are blessings of the Gods after all.

I dunno, it just feels like more can be done here. Anyone else got some ideas, suggestions too?


Yeah, hopefully they could do something with them in the future.

Isn’t it the lance they bless though and not you…


Good catch!
Opposite to the Monolith, where the Traveler is blessed

Well, even if its just the lance being blessed, seeing the progress would help.
And the Lore part stands, as i wasnt even aware :rofl:

It would be interesting to see a future update that allows us to potentially align with one of the gods.

Alignment could grant a minor skill tree that provides small, god-specific buffs.

Using a system like monoliths, players could be rewarded with skill points for this tree after achieving specific tasks for each god.

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