Goblins and Trolls

I would like to see some classic fantasy enemys in this games like trolls, goblins, gnolls or orgres. I know this wont happen in the next months but maybe in some later seasons. I think it would fit the game.

why do you think LE need this mobs?

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Trolls are already in the game…

And on the forums :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Those (Mosstrolls) are being removed though.

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I´m sure there will be more of some kinf of Mobs thrown in the game by launch.
As far as I know there are more Chapters and places to be placed before release.

We don’t know for sure that there will be more chapters before or with launch, but there are 12 Chapters planned in total, but not all of them will make it 1.0.

I would maybe expect one additional chapter with 1.0, but none before that

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If they make only one more Chapter into the game ready for launch that is an achievement in itself in my book. I just know they have said that not all planned Chapters are complete yet, and there will come more Chapters in-game.
Other then that I am just happy to see the progress of this game overall, and I am in fact very surprised to how much is actually done with this game.

because i like the high fantasy genre and i think there are not enough elements to find in arpgs at all. Older games like darkstone, Fate, sacred, dungeonsiege and torchlight had that setting. I would like to see something like that in a modern arpg. Torchlight 3 unfortunally was Garbage and xd games made tl infinite a semi scifi game. I dont say they have to include elves and draves but some goblins would give a nice flair to the game.

If your looking for trolls there are several in the forums currently whinging about a level of trade that was never going to exist in the game anyway. I think EHG has great creativity and we will see various analogs to what your asking for. I would not expect it to be exactly like other mythology simply because they tend to try and differentiate themselves from other games.

You always need dragon’s. I loved Sacred 1 and killing dragons with the set that gave you a chance for an aoe of fireballs. Just stand under the dragon (yay for no mob collision), use a few skills to get theball rolling then watch as the server slowed to a crawl with the self-propagating fireball proc aoe goodness eventually killed the dragon (and potentially the server).

@ExsiliumUltra just because a person disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll (though I was waiting for someone to say that), what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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:slight_smile: If you were still waiting for someone to say it when you saw my post then you already missed it :slight_smile:

And I have no problem with the players that disagree with me. I was referring to the actual trolls. There is a difference.

No, I was just being good & not saying it. I like to keep the devs on their toes, “what has Llama posted today? Will we need to ban him again?” etc.

This is where we differ, I don’t think they are trolls, they just disagree. But I choose to believe that their views are sincerely held. Needless to say, being stupid is not the same as being a troll.


fantasy genre evolve as anything else, monsters evolve too. so trolls&goblins&dragons etc boring AF, coz they are in EVERY game

troll, dragon, goblins = fantasy genre
but dantasy genre != only troll dragon and goblin

I guess we all have different books. :slight_smile:

In my own book, if there is not a complete story (with a beginning, a plot, and a conclusion), there is no launch and we are still in a beta. Period.
The number the devs decide to put on their patch doesn’t matter: if the story is left hanging, the game cannot be said to be ready.
Note that how many chapters there are is also irrelevant, what matters is the story reaching a conclusion that makes sense.

Why? It’s a time travel game and the concllusion could be totaly senseless because bad stuff happens if you step on the wrong ant in the wrong timeline ^^.

I hope they don’t make wolcen 2.0 and say story compoletion is the first thing they do after launch and then there are a bazzillion of patches and endgame modes implemented and there are still players who wait for the next chapter… that all of the sudden is the final chapter because… reasons ^^.

There is som much that can go wrong I don’t want to think about it.

And for the topic itself… We have giant worms so everything is fine.

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By conclusion, I don’t mean the answer to life, the universe, and everything (I know it already), I mean giving closure to the questions asked throughout the story.
Characters were introduced, plotlines were developped… And left hanging quite abruptly. These plotlines need answers, and we need to know what happened to these characters. Time travel or not.
There’s been countless books and movies about time travel, ALL of them follow some kind of plot, and reach some kind of conclusion at the end.

Precisely my concern: they are doing exactly that. Wolcen and Last Epoch both went for sale with an incomplete story, then started implementing more and more endgame things, re-working systems that were working fine in the first place, but not moving one inch towards completing their own story, and therefore their game.
I know, it is a beta, it is fine. But I stand by my point: it will look like a glorified beta even with a shiny 1.0 or 3.0 number as long as the story is left untold.

[Sorry, as you may notice, storyline is to me what trade is to you. I can get quite passionate.]

As for the question asked by the OP, that I shamelessly hijacked:
As much as I love goblins, trolls, elves and other classics, I don’t picture them fitting in the atmosphere of Last Epoch. Better to go see them in their natural habitats.
[Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming out in August, apparently. If you haven’t played the beta, spoiler alert: it has goblins, and trolls, and elves, and many other high-fantasy guys.]

They’ve already said that chapter 11 and 12 will be post launch.

Yeah I know but at least they never make promises when and if they do something else inbetween ^^.

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