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Glyph of Stabilizing - not so useful?

Glyph of Stabilizing - Makes a Rune or Shard add 80% less to 40% more fracture chance than usual. This gives it an element of risk, but on average crafting with Glyphs of Stabilizing will result in less fractured items.

On fracture chance below 25%, it’s no point to use it. Above that with all investment on crafted item the risk to fracture is to big still. Most of my items were fractured using it.

I almost don’t use this glyph now, 183 in possession. Maybe if supply Glyph of the Guardian were easier i would use it more often, have more crafted item on the stage to Glyphs of Stabilizing.

What you thing about Glyph of Stabilizing?

I used to think this as well so I think maybe you misunderstand the use of this glyph:) It’s very useful when you’re crafting very specific things from a base item without many mods(i like to use items with 2 mods and close to zero % starting fracture chance). Basically you roll your first mods up to a certain fracture chance hoping to get nice rolls(ie: low added fracture chance per crafting roll).

Example: Without glyph of stabilizing your first five rolls will cost 20% fracture chance(its always 5% without stabilizing glyph). However, with glyph of stabilizing if you got super lucky you could get your first 5 rolls for 10% fracture chance (the minimum roll with the glyph is 2%). Even if you’re not as lucky saving a few % under the 20% minimum is very useful for long term crafting. Basically you should start your rolls on items that are not particularly special with glyph of stabilizing in hopes to save fracture chance so you can reach higher tiers over all. Hope this helps:)

That being said I have put a ton of hours into this game. For newer players its not as useful. But as you look for more and more specific crafting mods it becomes better and better. I’m at the point now where I will try to craft even white Relics with glyphs of stability up to about 30% crafting chance(overall). This allows me to better customize the specific mods I need for my builds. I burn my common shards first so if it shatters its not a big deal. Plus you can just use a rune of shattering to recover a decent amount of your shards back.

TLDR : Start your crafting with glyph of stability, each time the fracture chance added is less than 5% you win. If you get unlucky and the fracture chances added are more than 20% after the first five. Just rune of shattering the item unless of course it has rare or extremely valueable mods to you.
As the % of fracture chance becomes higher, and the item becomes more valueable switch to Glyph of Guardian to reduce the possibility of fracture.
There is a lot more subtlety to crafting of course but overall this will set you in the right direction:)


Thank you for detailed explanation.

I understand how this glyph works but i think had bad luck with it, fracturing items. I have crafted several items from white base to 3xt5 with just Glyph of the Guardian.
I have changed my strategy for crafting, picking up 1xt5 bases or 3xt3+, even removing one affix with rune from 4xt4+ item for my need.

It’s very good and cheap for 2xt5 crafting and i have been doing it for low level character when you testing specs or don’t have good bases with mods. I’m on new char testing skills so i’ll use it more for sure.

Just wanted to add something. Keep in mind that you use more affix shards the higher the tier. So its a good idea early on to spread your crafts around to several mods. That way if you get unlucky you’ll lose less affix shards overall.

Hmm upon further testing perhaps this isn’t true after all:P Although I could’ve sworn at one point it was.

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Glyph of Guardian will definitely get you much farther into crafting. But they are much more rare than glyph of stability and you will never get less than 5% fracture chance added.

Glyph of guardian basically makes it impossible for your item to fracture until you get into damaging fracture chances. Even then, only a damaging fracture roll will cause the item to fracture(and it will just be a minor fracture). You probably know this but for the other people out there:)

So if an item has 25% chance for minor fracture and 17% chance for damaging fracture. The actual fracture chance is only 17% for a minor fracture. Without the glyph the fracture chance would be 42% and 17% of the time you would lose tiers on your current crafted affixs.

I would be very interested in how using this item feels.

The crafting system obviously requires an element of risk - and overall I believe this has been received very well. The game gives you the pertinent information in advance - and while it always sucks to fracture an item, it is a calculated risk you chose to make.

Does this glyph feel different? Do you see it as being something that’s usually worthwhile, and has an element of risk like crafting in general? Do you see it as ‘spending’ a resource which potentially just makes things worse and is too frustrating to use?

Wow! You’ve clearly spent alot of time on the game! Can I ask how did you find the drop rates for crafting materials? I didn’t spend too much time in game tbh, but crafting mats still feels rare enough that I didnt feel I could freely use them early in the leveling process.

I was going to make a use of Glyph of Stabilizing trying to craft 4xt5 items for my Beastmaster to push to 400+ waves on my 100lvl char but my pc can’t handle the game on minimal settings. I see it’s only way to craft top tiers items using it.

I’m on my second class scarcely and i like to test how different specs feels so it will take me some time to test other as well having full time job, interest in other games, etc.

On minion’s builds Glyph of Stabilizing have good use for crafting 2xt5 items, fast and cheap that can carry build to 90lvl easily. If you want reach higher waves in Arena you need items with bit more, life and resistances to take bigger hits. It could be done on first character, it seems drop rates are fine. If you want 4xt5 item from scratch that’s big investment but i don’t think it’s bad thing. Luck will helps for sure.

I wish shops have chance to sell other runes and glyphs. I have stopped cheeking vendor after i had 150 runes of shattering.

I’m hoarding a lot of items, 1 tab almost full of uniques 1 each type. I want to buy more tabs, please.

For me it feels good but thats only after I’ve saved up a lot of crafting mats. The common affixs are very common so its not a big deal losing them but there are some affix shards that can be quite difficult to get. Like set dodge for example. When I was starting out glyph of stability would be quite frustrating because it was too easy to burn your item either though unlucky rolls (like 7% fracture chance increase) or after 3 tries for example a lot of times the item would fracture. Glyphs of stability feel great to use. Especially early on.

That being said in the very late game glyphs of stability feel a lot more useful. Squeezing out a couple extra tiers on your third or 4th affix can make a big difference when trying to perfect your gear.

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On another note. What definitely doesn’t feel good is crafting a really great item then losing all your work on a 2% destructive fracture roll. Even with a gylph of guardian the amount of tiers you lose from the damaging fracture basically makes any item you’re crafting useless. Which just happened…again :stuck_out_tongue: My suggestion would be to make damaging fractures not so intense. My double t5,/t2/t2 ended up as a double t3 for example. Garbage:(

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