Glyph of stability

I kind of wish it had less rng in it, maybe 2-4 instability instead of 2-5, its always worth using now, but it kind of kills the excitement when bricking a t6 or t7 getting +10 instability on 2 stability glyph’d rolls :<


was thinking abit,

since this is endgame, I think it’d be cool to have a craft option to guarantee low stability but drastically increase the cost,

  • 10 stability glyphs for 60% reduced
    unlocked after completing first Empowered timeline

  • 5 stability glyphs 40% reduced
    unlocked after 10/10 Timelines completed

  • 2 stability glyphs 20% reduced
    unlocked when reaching monolith

  • 1 stability glyph up to 60% reduced
    same base currency

how to implement though; that’s the question;
can probably have some kind of glyph/rune upgrade interface in the forge;

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