Glyph of stability rework needed?

I find myself enjoying the crafting system so far. I do however find the the glyph of stability is a bit lacking compared to guardian. I almost never use the stabilty glyph and not sure if it will be useful the way it is. I found using stability i fracture my items with 2-3 upgrade crafts. Now I dont bother with them and only use guardians to craft with.

At the start of early/mid endgame i usually don’t use them too. I just want more or less guaranteed upgrades and save crafts.

But for making Multiple T5 items you need to use stability for the first few crafts, which is the purpose.

I really like that appraoch, because when in real deep endgame you want to push an item as far as you personally want to risk with just rune of stability.

For the more casual player and if you don’t reached super high gear level yet it might seem not very usefull, i can understand that.

The Glyph of Stability does need to be reworked so that at worst it reduces the instability added (compared to a normal craft) by 1 (ie, it adds instability of 2-4). IMO, Glyphs of Stability are best used on low level crafts where the instability & hence fracture chance is low. I would only use a Stability on the first few crafts from a white item up to ~20% chance to fracture, then I switch over to Glyph of the Guardian so that any fractures get downgraded one level.

I really wouldn’t advise using Stabilities on any craft with a fracture chance over 25% (which is when you then start getting into the major fracture territory).

It would also be nice to be able to vendor 2-3 glyphs & runes for 1 of another type (like PoE doe with their currency). IMO, there would be a “path” for converting glyphs between the two types & between the runes.

I tend to spam stability glyph unto the “damageing” fracture shows up. Most of the time I actually get all the way down to the 70%-80% mark without a fracture. I suppose luck is most of the reason why - but you will never get the high end gear if you are not prepared to get greedy when crafting.

What I do not like is the chance for it to not reduce the instability gain at all, as it is 2-5 instability, if you roll 5 then it just is a wasted glyph. It should be 2-4 or better yet a consistent 3.

What I also dislike is that you cannot buy them in the store, as you can go through them very fast if you start crafting.

I can agree with you that it could do with making it roll 1-4 instability. But I think having to be out killing monsters to get the mat drops is best like it is now.

I was not talking about shards - I specifically want runes and glyphs to be buyable.

Even with shattering rune currently being buyable you still need to find something for it to use on and have the money to buy it. You tend to spam glyphs like they are as common as water on literally every craft, so being able to buy them is something that just makes sense.

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