Glyph of Domination / Power Words: Devastation not working properly

The description says these things:

“Glyph of Dominion now consumes the Runes from Runic Invocation on cast to gain additional effects per Rune you have.”

“Heo Rune: Glyph inflicts stacks of Frostbite per second per Rune of this type.”

“Frostbite Stacks Per Second Per Heo Rune: +5.”

So one would assume after consuming 3 Heo Runes, Glyph of Dominion would apply 15 stacks of Frostbite per second to the mob on it. However that’s not the case, it applies 15 stacks of frostbite only when it ends and explodes. Is this a bug?

Its comforting to see no response here… hopefully this is looked at by the devs!

They devs have stated on numerous occasions they read every bug report but they do not have time to respond to each one individually.

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