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Glyph drops

I’m not sure whether i just have bad luck or if something weird is going on but the Glyph of the Guardian has been a weird drop for me. When i first started playing and leveling a character I had ~20 glyphs by the time i reached the endgame. From then on i would be lucky to get 1-2 glyphs per 1-2 hours (this is when doing arena and MoF).
I just started leveling another character and i’m getting roughly the same amount of as i did when leveling the first. Is this on purpose? Am i supposed to farm the story zones for glyphs or am i just really unlucky.

Glyph of Guardian is the better of the two glyphs so its rarer. I get maybe x10 guardian glyphs per 1hr. But I do mainly monolith for increase drop rate.

Endgame for me basically farming for guardian glyphs and crafting teir5 items. I always have more items I want to enhance the tier of stats on then guardian glyphs.

I like it, gives me reason to keep grinding.

alright, sounds like i should just do more MoF grinding. I still find it weird how many i got during the story compared to the endgame, guess it could be to give new characters something to start with.

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