Global Chat

More than one global chat.

The reality is that the main global chat is 9/10 times not going to be talking about the game. It’s just the reality of global. So having a way to separate into at least a couple global chats would be nice. It doesn’t need to be as involved as PoE where they have thousands of possible channels. Just a few more to break up the discussion a bit.

I know there are other issues with Chat and things that need to be improved but especially right now. This is very noticeably gonna be an issue.

Also, no one is going to use the help channel. Trust me. They never do and no game will ever be able to make people do it. I would unironically make a handful of global channels and let the culture develop naturally. You need to let the community voluntarily help others and decide what each global channels culture will be like. Personally, I’d completely get rid of the help channel.

Edit: Something kind of important that can help with this transition and many won’t realize is important. When you switch global chats. They need to be independent from one another. When you connect with one. You automatically disconnect from another. While having the option to have everything all together is nice. It makes it harder for a separate culture to develop between them. It’s a way to nudge players in a certain direction without them realize it.

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+1 Maybe some more Mods for Chat to, Understandble everyone is busy atm but Global in game is a shit show right now

Not a bad idea at all, I have seen some people before 1.0 posting in the help channel and even i have posted there before for help. But you are most likely right, it’s less common that’s for sure. I think the help chat and others were probably made as a way to separate the global chat.