Glitched out can't cast, but can die


I have had my game bug out a couple times today. When the issue occurs, I still take damage, but I’m unable to attack. It looks like I am attacking and moving, but it seems like my character is not actually moving in the world. I’ve noticed that the enemies don’t die or take damage and that’s what let’s me know something is wrong. Also, I don’t regenerate mana and my last animation keeps going. In this case in the player.log, I was channeling warpath and couldn’t stop even though all my spells looked grayed out like I had no mana and I had released my “w” key to stop channeling.

The first time the issue occurred earlier today. After about 15 seconds I could control my character again and I lived, but just now unfortunately I died. Rip my HC Pally :frowning:

I noticed at the end of the player log a few lines before the Deathscreen opened line that there is a networking null ref. I hope this helps! Dying from disconnects is the worst way to die in Hardcore, and I’d like to not have that happen again. Haha.

Player-prev.log (772.0 KB)



I have had the same problem, with warpath. It has happened three times now in monos, causing me to die since I was unable to create enough space to portal out. This is new since patch - has never happened before this.

I reported it in game, but not sure what else I can do.

So yeah, no way I’m playing HC in this game.

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