Glacier Ideas

Found the glacier tree a bit disjointed and lacking a bit of flair.

So i spend far too many hours re-imagining it.

There is at least 5 discrete builds which ive tried to give flavor and balance to, as well as a few different ways to modify those builds (AoE DoT, AoE Stun, single target crit, single target non-crit etc) and probably some builds i havnt thought of.
Did put alot of math and thought into the numbers in the passives, but obviously they’re mutable.

Fully aware that its a big change, and probably not a priority (I’m frothing to see other skill trees released, come at me black hole!) But I figure feedback never hurts and the worst ya’ll can say is “No thanks!”


Hey @EHG_Mike, someone’s after your job. :stuck_out_tongue:

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These are some great ideas for the Glacier skill, maybe Mike will take a look.
As what i got from the Streams he made so far he really loves getting creative ideas from the community.

Yea, these are great ideas. I agree that they tree needs a little love. I am trying to fix up things for this next patch so I probably won’t have time to do anything on it before this patch but I’ve got this saved and on the list for the patch after. Thank you @Cygnus I always appreciate ideas like this.

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