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Glacier explosion order bug?

Not sure if bug or intended, but i noticed the following:
In the Glacier tree, if you take the “Fading Echoes” node (explosions occur in reverse order) in combination with the “Lesser Glacier” node (less mana cost, largest explosion is disabled) the actual skill when cast will have a good second of delay until something happens.
I tried to make it a “spammy” skill, reduce mana cost and scale the middle sized explosion, so in my head i thought, since the largest explosion is disabled by “Lesser Glacier” , the “Fading Echoes” node would make it so, that the middle explosion occurs first - which is what happened =) But there is still some sort of “animation delay” of roughly a second after the casting animation where nothing happens. This must be the spot for the largest explosion animation which is disabled in this setup. I thought “disabled” meant, its completely gone, only middle and small left.
So the nodes work correct but the result in the skill itself feels counterintuitive. Shouldnt the middle sized explosion proc immideatly once cast with this combination of nodes on the tree or is this intended and works correctly with this delay?

7days, no response - so no one uses glacier???

We’re tracking this issue internally, thanks for the report!