Glacier DPS using 3 different weapons

Herein is a tale of 3 weapons supporting the spell Glacier (fun spell, BTW) which is modified by cold, spell and intelligence

weapon 1: ornate sceptre, +29 adaptive spell damage, 38% increased elemental damage, +10 lightning damage, 1% lightning damage leeched as health
(the lightning damage shouldn’t boost glacier)
tooltip DPS : 8762

weapon 2: ornate sceptre, +26 adaptive spell damage, 54% increased elemental damage, 14% increased spell damage

DPS : 7757

weapon 3 : golem eye wand, +12 adaptive spell damage, 66% increased spell damage, 53% increased elemental damage,
DPS : 6570

weapon 1 : flat +29 damage, +10 lightning damage, and 38% increased damage
weapon 2: flat +26 damage, 68% increased damage
weapon 3: flat +12 damage, 119% increased damage(!)

WOW, is that ever confusing.
so clearly flat damage has the major effect on DPS or weapon 3 would have the highest DPS.

What’s up with weapons 1 & 2 ? weapon 2 has almost double the % increased damage, only 3 less flat and yet is 1000 DPS less.

There’s always the potential problem that the DPS calc is broken.

I was hoping someone could give me some insight as to how this works.

Only giving us the weapon stats doesn’t give us enough information to really help you.

How much % increased damage do you have in total?
Do you have any other flat added spell dmg?
Are there any other stats on the weapon? (Like ailments)

Best thing would be to post a build planner of your whole character and give us all stats on all weapons.

TIL, there’s a build planner. I should have realized there was a build planner :slight_smile:

well, since everything but the weapon stays the same, and because the differences are so dramatic, I thought maybe it was something obvious.

You are absolutely right, let me spend some time with the build planner and maybe i can figure it out. if not i can post the build plan.

Thank you for the link.

You can import your character (button at the top left)

i saw that, Right now i’m trying to figure out where the save files are (on Linux).

Save files for linux right here

/home/username/.config/unity3d/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Saves

Hi, one idea comes to mind. To simplify I am not going to distinguish between elemental and spell damage. If you have 200 increased damage on gear/passives e.g., then you would have overall 238 and 268 increased damage for weapon 1 and 2. So the difference between weapon 1 and 2 is not roughly twice the amount anymore, but only 12%. So in the end the flat damage might be more valuable, because you apply all the damage modifiers from skills etc on top

yeah, that’s a good point, i’ll need to dive into the details tabs (again).

i did that already, which is one of the reasons i posted, because i couldn’t figure out why the disparity.

unfortunately the planner doesn’t seem to have detailed DPS calcs so i’m not sure how it’s going to help me, other than to give everyone an easy to link to my character.

so here it is

The Ornate Scepter does not have % increased lightning damage, but flat added lightning spell damage as an explicit affix.

This also applies to glacier, as lightning damage.

EDIT: my initial thought was, that you may have some flat added lightning damage from some unique or set item, and then the %increased lightning damage would increase that.

But you in fact gave us wrong information in your OP :stuck_out_tongue:

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doh! i didn’t notice that. that’s a big deal, it’s 33% of the base flat damage so probably the reason for the difference.

I just didn’t notice the +10 lightning, even though i was hunting for the reason why. generally i have to be careful, for whatever reason, i very easily miss the fact that something is flat vs %. this is a common mistake for me, i guess my brain has a problem with ‘%’.

i’ve corrected my original post.

short answer: it’s all about the flat damage.

Thank you!

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Yes that’s the answer.

And that flat added lightning damage gets increased by almost every other %increases, except for example the %inc. cold dmg from your belt and ring.

But yeah flat damage, even if it’s not of your main dmg type, is still very valuable if you scale more generic damage increases, like elemental or spell damage.

In this case yes. All flat damage is added to spells regardless of the main damage type of the spell and gets boosted by everything, except specific element type damage increasers. Flat damage is almost always the best stat but it has an even bigger impact on Glacier because the largest explosion has a 450% spell damage effectiveness, so that 10 extra damage is actually 45.

Basically, the only thing that can be better than flat damage is crit chance/crit multi because that’s effectively a separate multiplier. That’s why it’s better to use a staff if you’re building for non-crit spell damage (like necrotic dot) because staves have way more flat spell damage, and a wand/scepter + unread scroll if you’re going for crit (which you should with any spells that can crit) because undead scroll has a +2-6% base crit chance (which is added to the base 5% before applying crit chance multipliers)

I really want to use a stave ! I just haven’t found the right one yet…

Thanks very much everyone for the help and advice.

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