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Give Werebear's Rampage a "Spin to Win" Node

A lot of LE folks, including myself, love spin-to-win character builds, as evidenced by so many of the Warpath Sentinel builds we’ve been seeing. My suggestion is to give the Werebear form a similar playstyle option by adding a “spin-to-win” node to Rampage. This node would remove Rampage’s cooldown and make it steerable, but you’d move slower, not faster (much like Warpath). You could also branch off with additional nodes to improve this node in various ways (speed increase, elemental damage, area increase, ramping Rampage damage, buffs to next Swipe per time Rampaging, etc.). There are already nodes that turn Rampage into a lightning-style attack, so there’s a lot of potential synergy already built-in.

I think this would be really fun. Anyone else on board for an option like this?

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: have fun ;).

Like a Tempest Rush Monk from D3? It’s an option yeah but to me it isn’t fitting for the class. On top of it I think there will be some intresting options already but not a “Warpath” like ability to always rampage… at least I hope so ^^.

I’m totaly against it while the idea isn’t bad by itself it’s just not fitting for me but maybe you’ll get some other input on it.

I think a spin node wouldn’t be fitting. However a “no cooldown” node (if it doesn’t already have no cooldown) so we can rush back and forth sounds neat and would be fitting.

Yeah, I think I’m in the “it would look ridiculous” camp, sorry.

To clarify, I’m not advocating for the animations to change. You’d still be charging (not actually spinning, obviously… that would be ridiculous). The node would just make Rampage work more like Warpath and less like a generic charge.

Ah you mean quick turning so you can circle around and keep hitting a target. Like Juggernaut from Marvel Heroes. That sounds great. Its also not unthinkable that they have already implemented such a thing.

Swarmblade would be more fitting for a spin2win build

I am pretty sure that there are already ways in the skill spec tree, to alter the behaviour of Rampage, like more/less steering capabilities.

Like a node that gives it x%less speed, but Y% better steering.

Not in any of the skill nodes the revealed in the Werebear reveal thread.

Read my post again, did I mentioned that it’s fact/guaranteed?
No, thank you

So you mean hold down 1 button and it keeps charging till next bunch of mobs.

Thats like the “nerfed” eq werebear? Charge&eq and move on.

Seeing how much dev hated that build, i dont think they want such playstyle on werebear.

Beside 1 “warpathish” style gameplay is enough, and i heard people who like that play style will stick to sentinal warpath and will never get bored of it, so they can stick to that forever, no one other class need to have that.

Also for every LE folks who love spin to win, theres an equally amount that hate it, as evidenced by so many other classes and builds they are playing.

Even though i have no idea where all these evidence is coming from? Was there data survey census conducted?

No, that’s how Shield Rush currently works. They’re not going to let it do as much damage as pre-nerf EQ Werebear with such a low cooldown.

To be honest, a warpathing Sentinel also looks ridiculous. As does a whirlwinding Barbarian in Diablo 3, for example.
I love Warpath, I play Warpath, but I think a guy permanently spinning looks ridiculous.
And I would like to see a channelling rampaging Werebear.

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EQ Werebear was neither channelled nor did anybody hate it. There was a bug with the cooldown and it was ridiculously OP. Therefore it was tackled.

People that are fans of that playstyle stick to Warpath because it is 1 of 2 availible channelled movement skills currently. The 2nd is Dancing Strikes, although it feels a bit different. Adding options and variety is a good thing in almost any scenario. Adding a node to the tree that allows for that playstyle is an option that you can skip if you don’t like that style.

Saying that “no other class needs to have that” is a philosophy that I wouldn’t want to follow. Else only the Necro would have summons, only the Mage would have elemental damage, only the Rogue would gave dual wield, only the Sentinel could use a shield. This would make a very boring and restrictive game.


Dancing Strike is not channeled and it’s playstyle is vastly different.
It’s supposed to be a skill, that is used in conunction with other skills to weave inbetween.

For Warpath that’s just an optional thing.

So there truely is only Warpath as a channeled movementskill.

I think if something is channeled or not is not the important thing.
I also just hope that Rampage will be viable as a main dmg source, if you wanna go that route.

Ok, it’s not channelled. But on the surface it’s not that much different than warpath. As long as you hold down the button, you character attacks and moves and you can adjust the direction where to move. It has more common with warpath than with any other skill in the game. For me it’s the Rogues Warpath version.

And since the fact if a skill is channelled or not is not really important for the discussion (as you said yourself) it has no impact on my opinion.

I am in agreement with this - I would love to be able to mix and match across classes and I definitely do not like the idea of “if you want to use a SWORD that then you MUST to play X class”. However, from my experience playing, the restriction - to a point obviously - IS actually needed to keep things interesting and motivate a player to try out other classes and builds - I have found that if I play classless rpg, I subconsiously end up making the same builds/variations each time - I have to add restrictions to myself to try something new.

So I am keen on having a variation of a channeled movement based attack (for example, like Warpath) for each mastery class to allow everyone to play this style irrespective of class, I would prefer that it that it remains somehow unique to each class to keep interest in trying out other builds/classes…

I definitely dont think that a spinning werebear would be a good way to address this but I am open to some kind of channeled movement attack concept as an option…

For me I suppose its a tricky balance of class variety & distinctiveness, longevity of play, preferred playstyles and game concept/design requirements…

This is what some people here got wrong. OP doesn’t want the Bear to spin. He wants Rampage to act like Warpath so you can activate the skill and keep it going by holding down the button while the bear would chase the position of the cursor.

A spinning bear would be… weird for sure, I agree :rofl:

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Yeah, that’s a fair point.

It might look amusing, to be fair.

It wasn’t a bug (from memory), you could just get the charge cooldown so low that it was by far the most effective way to get lots of Earthquakes,

And Shield Rush.

Some restriction is necessary & good for diversity. If all classes could use all skills equally well then all you’d have is 1 class with X different skins/voice overs/etc.

As I already said it looks like the OP wants a Temptest Rush Monk in LE. Rampaging 24/7 would be fun for sure but then again hard to balance because either the steering needs to be bad so you bump into walls or the mdg needs to be lackluster untill you pump it into oblivion.

On one hand it would for sure be fun but on the other hand… not so much ^^.

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