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Give Maelstrom's Beneath the Waves node a better visual indicator

Beneath the Waves in Maelstrom’s tree allows you to build stacks every second you don’t cast the ability, and when you do cast it it will give you extra charges of Maelstrom for every stack you had.

Currently the only visual indicator for your stacks is a little buff icon with the number of your stacks on it. I think it would be a good idea to give a better/ easier to read visual indicator or particle effect on/ around your character. This could happen either every time you gain a stack, or only once you reach full stacks.

I believe this would lead to a more fun playstyle overall as this doesn’t change anything’s functionality. All it would do is allow you to shift your focus to the rest of your screen, instead of having to constantly fixate on your small buff bar to ensure you consume your stacks efficiently.