Give Idol mods two tiers to be able to filter good ones from bad ones

A very annoying aspect for the loot in the game is Idols imo. The range on the mods is just so big, that you have to look at every single one to figure out if it is good. Right now I feel like all loot I am looking at in this game is Idols, trying to find the ones with high resistance rolls. They are very important to cap resistances especially when you swap gear pieces, so not doing it is actually pretty bad. But looking at 30 idols per echo is not exactly exciting to say the least.

I would suggest, that the mods on the Idols are split up into two tiers, so we can filter out low roll ones on the loot filter. The values themselves would not have to change, just make them two separate tiers.

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I think the better solution for this would be to implement roll range conditions for the loot filter, both for explicit and implicit affixes.

This would also help making the loot filter more strict for normal gear, not just idols.


This was my thought too. +1

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