Ghostflame sustain

Hey guys, i couldn’t find any mana efficiency affixes on gear, there are only large Idols with up to 14% Ghostflame mana efficiency (got me from 18 to 14 channeling mana cost). I Also added tier 5 mana on 2-h weapon to get much bigger mana pool, but sadly mana regen doesn’t work while channeling this skill.
My aim is to use Ghostflame as just a travel skill. Keeping that in mind, what would be the best approach to sustain Ghostflame as long as possible?

I can sustain Ghostflame by making it a Physical skill that proccs marrowshards. Marrowshard procc orbs and those orbs give mana back. With 13 channel cost I can cast it 24/7 as long as I hit 1 enemy. I’m down to 11 mana now and able to cast curses and whatnot without running oom as long as there is one enemy.

If you don’t want to make the skill physical 3 piece bonus acolythe set (Isadoro’s?) offers another 30% efficency with necrotic spells. That’s ally ou can do if I haven’t overlooked something the 10 times I asked myself if this is all and how there can’t be a unique specific for the skill ^^.

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Thank you for the reply! I will definitely try Marrowshard strat =)
Why there’s no information about them giving mana back in the description ><
Edit: i get no mana back. And i can’t find anything related to Marrow shards in passive skill strees as well.
Edit#2: ok i found passive skill that gets you mana on hit against cursed enemy. But how do i aurtocurse enemies while in Ghostflame?

I made a builder with the 2 relevant skills with the points needed for the interaction so you can look at it :slight_smile:

Just remember i skilled passive crap to get the skills and only skilled the two skills so the interaction happens.

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Wow, thank you so much!

Yw np at all keep asking if you want to know more most folks around here are helpfull.

Thing that help sustain Ghostflame:

→ Like you said the Idol that give Mana efficiency & Marrow Shards proc on Physical Ghostflame.
→ Specialized Transplant can give you up to 30 mana on use (and up to 2 mana when it hit something).
→ Specialized Wandering Spirit can give you mana whenever a Spirit expires. A bit clunky & awkward to use tbh.
→ For the passive in Warlock passive tree, Decrepit Mortal in the Ghostflame tree could help. It screech a curse after 1,5s. Too bad it doesn’t do that every 1,5s but it last 10s and you do stop channeling from time to time. The effect of the curse isn’t shabby either (+15% DoT damage & his own damage scale with your missing health who is pretty high because of Marrow Shards). An another solution could be Bone Curse on Transplant arrival, Fissure Torment and others skill you use.

And that pretty much it. But just for clearing, Marrow can be enough. For boss fight it’s a little bit more tricky but feasible with Transplant Mana.