Ghostflame stops working - stuck while channeling

Please watch the video I recorded showcasing this bug:

I played ghostflame on a lich before, the only difference in my build on my warlock now is soul feast instead of reaper form.
Since I reached monoliths, or maybe since I specced into soul feast, my character gets stuck as soon as I get close to enemies. It does not happen all the time but very frequently.


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Same problem here.
My build is on my low life Lich without using the Reaper form.
After a few attempts, I find this bug happens when I take off all my health regen items…
Even if I have only one regen item, the skill will still be fine.
But ghostflame is not health based skill… Where does this bug come from? =_=

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EDIT: The bug has been fixed with the 1.0.5 patch. I remove my personal links and data as of now. Much appreciated!

So it’s not the issue I suspected (soul feast).
The issue is most likely something else entirely. Hope they figure it out soon, so I can continue my ghostflame experiments.

Have to say though, the investment in comparison to let’s say warpath, in order to get the skill mana managable, is insane.
I only took soul feast + aura of decay (to trigger it while channeling) and transplant for the mana as well. I was hoping marrow shards could solve the maNA problem alone (spirit feast) but that’s not how it worked out.


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