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Ghost character finish game tag

I would like to know when is the game considered finished. I want to unlock the masochist challenge and have a character that as killed the snake lady which I think is the last boss of the story for now. The problem is that it’s a ghost character (died to forgetting to lock cursor to main screen beamed by lagon while alt tabing ahah) and I think the progress on those characters don’t count anymore for the game.

Would appreciate if me just starting another character is my best shot to unlocking the challenge. (Already started a sorcerer glass cannon SC to go as fast as possible ahaha)

I would guess that version 1.0 is likely to the be the first “completed” out of Early Access version of the game… but from what I understand, the devs plan on on-going updates and even cycles (e.g. seasons) … so in the strictest meaning of the word, I doubt it will ever be complete…

The next version patch 0.9 (no official release date but estimated sometime AFTER September) will include Multiplayer & authoritative server play. This will mean that anyone wanting to play online and/or with friends will need to start new characters in online mode… All offline characters will remain offline & you can continue to play with them - the devs have said that they do not plan to have any character wipes from the offline version… Offline & online chars will always remain independant and separate (one on your local machine, the other on the server managed by EHG)

So… If you want to play masochist mode alone, then I would suggest just going ahead in whatever way you want… I have no idea if the devs will have a masochist mode in the online/multiplayer version of the game - no details on that yet afaik…

Oh boy I never knew you had to unlock these challanges. I can simply tag them in char creation since I play LE. Are you sure you need to do something? if so I’m happy I done it years ago ^^.

Yip… gotta complete the campaign at least iirc what Mike said… Problem with the early access is that when they add more content, they change the requirement… quite a few people who had masochist enabled have found it disabled again after some of the patches (not all)… and I am not entirely sure why some who had enabled it already find it disabled… and others, like you, who have it always enabled…

Yeah the thing is I think I “completed” the game with my ghost character. I think it just didn’t track it. I don’t know if that is intended or just a bug du to not having ladder for ghost character.