Getting connected to low ping servers (US WEST) when playing from Australia in a party

I’m in Australia and was playing in a group with a local friend - we kept getting reconnected to US 300+ ping servers once we joined any zone as a party. Neither of us have issues playing solo at any point.

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Same problem for me and my gf yesterday. I made sure that we both had selected EU west in the login screen and also in the settings but we still randomly got thrown into US servers.

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Can confirm as with original post that after joining the servers choosing Australia, when in a party, loading into a different zone (when you first log in it is fine) causes us to connect to US EastServers. The game in the settings indicates that we are still connected via Australia servers. However, the UI shows red ping bar and the tooltip says US East.

In my case, the person in the party with me is using the same internet connection. After reading the two posts above it seems that this might also be the case for you both as well? Not sure if this might be something to note or not…

Can you guys check the party settings. According to patch notes there’s also option to select server for party. Maybe something there is set to US ?

Party Leaders can now change the Party Region in the Social menu to define which server region all party members connect to when going to a new zone.

I’ll check on this now

Tried logging in and recreating the issue to test the suggestion but I wasn’t able to recreate the issue… after it happening 100% of the time all night lol. So I am not able to check at the moment if it is simply that the server selected in the party menu is reverting. I’ll try again later today as it is 3:00am here.

I managed to play a few echoes (in party) without it being an issue, but then we tried to goto the Arena and the bug appeared again (sent to US EAST 300 ping).

The Party menu, the drop down is available but seems to pick a different region sometimes when loading a zone.

bump. same issue. from ASIA SE to US. Unplayable ping