Get Your stun build here!

Get your stun on!

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I think you missed going through the Ice Thorns tree. Also, do mobs not get the 1s stun immunity after being stunned that the player gets?

Male-strom, not (chairman) mao-strom.

Sorry, had to say…

Yeah I did a written out version of ice thorns.
If they do get the 1s CD its not really noticeable any actual skill besides basic attack from mobs takes more than 1 second and if you stun them it cancels it.

As for my pronunciation, well at this point it should be common knowledge that any word with a vowel im not going to say right… Lol

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Only the player character gains stun immunity after being stunned.


I know, it could be worse, there’s a PoE streamer that gets consonants wrong…

And it’s not that I don’t appreciate all the work you do for the community.


Highest wave with this build? I am still going through the main quest and leveling against the freeze build.

I left the arena at 200 waves. So at least 200 viable

@boardman21 The stun build seems tankier due to all of the leech and defensive mechanics, but the stutter cast/walk seems as though it is best suited for arena farming versus blowing through the main quest. Does this sound right or would this build topple the freeze build in both arena/monolith runs?

The freeze build is an autocast speedrunner its faster for clear speeds. The stun build is better suited for the arena where mobs come to you yes.

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