Get. In. The. Fight. With this melee beastmaster build! Link provided

Looking for a melee build with high surviability? Here’s one that will get you In The Fight!.


Dodge chance formula caps it to 80%:

80% is still good :). Good to know

If you want more dodge in the Maelstrom skill tree there is a node that gives dodge chance per stack, there is also a node that adds a cooldown but makes it instant casting, so you can numlock it, in another part of the tree is ‘gain frenzy/haste at 6+ stacks’ you can easily remain at that level but its only a self buff

Ive played BM with Serpent Strike with pets, its pretty good but ive wanted to test Poison Serpent/Entangling Roots/Maelstrom to stack it, no idea if Maelstrom works as its classed as a DoT

Any skill with the dot tag, does not count as an initial hit, so it wouldn’t be affected at all with poison, bleed, or ignite, only its initial base damage >its damage modifier nodes > %damage over time, spell damage, and damage type (physical or cold) depending on if you take conversion node in the skill tree.

Love this build. Great work!!

I change the build i was going for to try this one and it’s much better
Thanks for posting it !

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I am using this build and loving it. When I read the class descriptions this was totally what i envisioned for a Beastmaster, getting in the mix with my companions and tearing $hi+ up! It is fun!

Awesome! Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

I’m running a very similar build I found on YouTube but he uses frenzy totem. So which is better?

Idk if I can answer that without being biased. Also I have no idea who or what this other build looks like lol. But I feel 50% confident that mine is better

I haven’t played your build Convoy so look fwd to testing it - I have played boardmans and all i say it is very very powerful

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Test it and post back. The frenzy totem also gives health regen, armor & protections and geeking pulse node can cast eterras blessing. I’m looking over his now and deciding what to change. They’re really similar.

You can run it either way lol. With frenzy totem you can even make it tether to you increasing your damage massively. More Poison Chance/ More attack speed its quite lovely, Me personally i went with the 5 totems so i can hide behind them and not get hit by projectiles as much, also you can make the thorn totems cast themsleves by getting the summon thorn totem on hit idols. THis way you have more mana for heals and just focus on serpent strike. Both are viable. BOth are good.

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I’m trying to do a 6 wolf bleed build with a melee focused Main Character. I am HIGHLY annoyed that there doesn’t seem to be any melee attack skill that I can spec bleed. Lots of poison specs, but none bleed. I guess I can always hope there is a bleed spec for Flanking Strike when that gets a skill tree. :rage:

I also went with block and protections instead of dodge. I need to find a way to mitigate DoTs as some of those really mess me up. Especially since my Void/Necrotic/Poison protections are so low.

serpent strike is both melee and gives lots of bleed options. up to 90% on hit i believe.

Serpent Strikes bleed options are extremely limited and it is still primarily a poison skill. I also don’t want to be locked into a polearm as I want to 1h-Axe and Shield.

Right now I am just using Swipe specced damage and attack speed and get bleed stuff from gear. (Taste of Blood axe)

Just want to point out that this is a great build for newer players. The reason being that you get the skills early in the game so they can be used for leveling unlike lots of other builds posted on the forums.

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