German translation is a bug itself

OMG… All your base are belong to us?

The german (deutsche) translation is such a mess. It is a real mess. Its one of the badest translations i have ever seen in my life. And it is STILL a mess in 1.1!

TBH i am really getting tired of this chaotic try of a translation and i am tired of guessing what your “translation” wants to try to say. Your game is over 5 years old now, 6 years with Kickstarter, the german translation is nearly 1 year old now. And nearly 1 year a bucket full of sh!t. Every little child can run an AI translator. When will you guys stop acting like a small little amateur developer company and finally do your homeworks to at least become semi-professional developers? BTW: Running an AI translator to offer a “translation” is the opposite of professional. I mean come on, offering different languages is one thing, but is your resistance of understanding, how important an at least “good” translation is, so high? Really? Wake up…

Woah my “empty” damage is so high. Awesome skill!!1!11!!. It make so much fun. What is “empty” damage? No idea. Maybe they meant “void” damage? But it makes much more fun and much more sense if no one knows what he is playing, right? Right??

+1 until all Skills… Wait, what? Wtf???

Giving all resistances different translations? Not bad, not bad. Worth a lot of memes… Fire enduring? Fire consistent? Fire perennial? Wait… maybe they meant Fire resistance??? Resistance of the void? Your resistance is cold? Really? Cool… Resistance is a dish best served cold…i guess.

What was mana rain again? Anyone? Yeah the good old mana rain. Its good for regen i heard…

Increased body damage? Eeeehmmmm what?

Station storage? óÒ? Come on, ladies and gentlemen, who wants to be a billionaire?

Vassals? Servants? Henchman? Maybe they try to talk about minions? Noooo…the term minion is used on different skills, so it MUST be something different. Oh i see… Wait let me set the language to english to check this… Ooooooh… Now i know how it looks if americans try to translate something -.- Rogue is a strange class. Typical minion class…i guess? Of course translation errors can occur here.

If you think it is a good idea to throw everything in Google translator to save 5 dollars for a real translator (who knows what he does) i can assure you that it is not a good idea. The receipt will come anyways. In my case: i am done with this league, even if this season is not one day old. Your lack of interest in a proper translation killed my mood for this new cycle.

It is “just” a translation problem that needs to be fixed (ok: many!), which could be done in a few minutes (in your case: a few years as it seems). You are not asked to develop a whole new game. But if you even dont care about that i cant take your game and your company serious any longer. I mean come on, you guys are asking for help and to report errors… And i was wasting my time to report dozens of translation errors over and over to help you (without getting paid) and what happend? Exactly: Nothing! Awesome guys, awesome. New season aaaaaaand: The same bullsh!t translation with all those awkward and embarrassing errors and missleading translations. Awesome. You guys are still in holidays, right?

And all we always get is your extremly funny joke with “We will be working to continue to improve localization quality for more aspects of the game in future patches”…

…which is getting older and older each time you use this. Which quality? Which improving? Do you even know what you are writing? It is the typical developer standard speech, isnt it? Funny old public relations… “Lets tell them what we think they want to hear and everything will be fine”… Because everyone loses interest over time. Well, why not copy paste our “We will be working to continue to improve localization quality for more aspects of the game in future patches”…again? Well i am getting tired, which, that i can assure you, is a bad thing, considering the season is only a few hours old. It is sad to see that you didnt care about simple basics. I am an enjoyer of ARPGs since over 20 years while playing many thousands of hours in this genre. Sorry to say but i cant take you serious anymore. Your translations jokes are not that funny and they are indeed annoying AF.

Of course you can ask your PR managers and let them say: “Ooohh but we are only a small little indie company and we are working sooooo hard since only 6 years on this game and we will be working to continue to improve localization quality for more aspects of the game in future patches”!1!!11!eleven!!. Or you can face reality and learn that other companies also work hard AND are able to deliver real translations. You are not one of those companies. Strange, or? The time for excuses is over. The time for fooling around with your translations is also over. I mean honestly, do you guys even know how embarrassing this is to even be in need to draw your attention to how!ng bad your translations still are??? I am wasting my time to tell a company, which is able to sell million of copies of a game, that they are not able to translate languages. Like back in early middle Ages. Strange times indeed. Am i really the only one noticing something is wrong here? Or wait…lets pretend again that everything is absolutely fine and your translations skill are over the top. FYI: The year is 2024. No we are not in the middle Ages anymore.

You guys even forgot to use your AI translator for your new evade/dodge roll… But yeah who cares…right? EHG as a new company with new employees…yeah…things like this can happen if everything is so new and exciting in the first days of a new surrounding.

If you guys fail to offer a REAL translation, after all these years, people like me will stop playing your games or buying your products. One day you need to decide if you want to play with the big boys in this genre (GGG, Blizzard) or stay in the sandbox with the little boys. Or end like Wolcen. Considering that you guys even ignored those offerings of a free translation by fans and give a about people who report errors to you, i cant recognize how you guys will ever leave your sandbox, if you are not able to do your basic homeworks. If you dont want to make this decision people like me will make this decision for you. And that won’t end well for you. Simple, sad, but unfortunately true.

So final questions: How many decades you still want to pretend that everything is totally fine with your german translationjunk? Or will it stay a joke for you and no one will ever take responsibility? Or is this a kind of meta humor and “improve localization quality in future patches” is equivalent to “we give a about localization”?