German Localization Rework

The German translation shows a severe lack of quality, both in individual wordings and consistency. This needs an extensive rework, not the one or other correction. General recommendation:

  • always hire a native speaker for the target language.
  • enforce the creation and usage of a glossary, with a section that defines general rules, like: "If we refer to speed as in attack speed, cast speed, or movement speed, we translate speed consistently with Tempo, e.g. “Bewegungstempo” instead of “Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit”. In the glossary, every common term gets a standardized translation. “Cast speed” will always be “Zaubertempo”. If ever the person responsible for the translation changes or if there is a team of multiple people, they can use the glossary as a reference.


  • Die Gesundheit ← change to “Leben”. Don’t use the article “Die”. This way, there is some consistency with LP instead of HP.
  • Cast-Geschwindigkeit ← change to either “Zaubergeschwindigkeit” or better “Zaubertempo”, as you use in some descriptive texts and for example in Rip Blood’s node Infused Frenzy. Keep it consistent.
  • Manakosten ← In Rip Blood’s nodes, it is “Mana Kosten” or “Manakosten”. Decide on either “Manakosten” or “Mana-Kosten” and use it consistently.
  • Get your ailments consistent. Example: “Blutungswahrscheinlichkeit” vs “Vergiftungschance”. Use either “wahrscheinlichkeit” or “chance”. My preference: chance - it’s shorter.

Scaling descriptions

  • x% erhöht Schaden ← change “erhöht” to “erhöhter”
  • x% erhöhte Heilwirkung ← remove “erhält” in the beginning, decapitalize “Erhöhte”
  • erhält x Die Gesundheit ← change “Die Gesundheit” for “Leben”. Your German variant for HP is LP, so this would be consistent. No “Die” before “Gesundheit” or “Leben”.
  • x% erhöht Die Gesundheit ← change “erhöht” to “erhöhte”

Resistance and damage types
The wording is all over the place. “Beständigkeit”, “Widerstand”, “Resistenz” - all for resistance. It’s getting worse: “Widerstand der Leere”, “Kalter Widerstand”. For damage, you have sometimes “Nekroseschaden” or “nekrotischer Schaden”.
I recommend a generalized wording, both for damage types and resistances, that works independently of the damage type.

  • damage, resistance, ailment chance, ailment damage
  • fire = Feuer-Schaden, Feuer-Resistenz, Entzündung-Chance, Entzündung-Schaden
  • cold = Kälte-Schaden, Kälte-Resistenz, Erfrierung-Chance, Erfrierung-Schaden
  • lightning = Blitz-Schaden, Blitz-Resistenz, Elektrifizierung-Chance, Elektrifizierung-Schaden
  • physical = Physisch-Schaden, Physisch-Resistenz, Blutung-Chance, Blutung-Schaden
  • poison = Gift-Schaden, Gift-Resistenz, Vergiftung-Chance, Vergiftung-Schaden
  • necrotic = Nekrose-Schaden, Nekrose-Resistenz, Verdammung-Chance, Verdammung-Schaden
  • void = Leere-Schaden, Leere-Resistenz, Entropie-Chance, Entropie-Schaden


  • when entering a new zone, a message appears. Required change: “Eingabe von …” to “Betrete …”
  • Pop-Up window when hovering over the health globe:
    a) “Die Gesundheit” to “Leben” or just “Gesundheit”
    b) descriptive text under Endurance Threshold “Ausdauergrenze”: Replace “\n” with a whitespace or fix the line break.
  • Pop-Up when hovering over the health potion:
    a) second paragraph: either insert “Anzahl” or “Menge” before LP, or change the sentence to plural: Die wiederhergestellten LP entsprechen 50 + 5 x Charakterstufe …
  • Pop-up window when hovering over the experience bar:
    a) scale the window to fit the text or rephrase the last point: “Gesamte zur nächsten Stufe benötigte EP” to “EP-Schwelle der nächsten Stufe”.
  • Character window “c”
    I’m sorry to say, but this is a real mess. Minion is sometimes referred to as “Diener”, “Minion” or “Vasall”, just as an example.


Blut Entreißen

  • Hämomant - “Cast-Geschwindigkeit” to “Zaubertempo”
  • Blutgestank - “Cast-Geschwindigkeit” to “Zaubertempo”
  • Durst - “Mana Kosten” to “Manakosten”. “Cast-Geschwindigkeit” to “Zaubertempo”
  • Aas-Hunger - “Manakosten bei keinem Mana” tu “Manakosten ohne Mana”
  • Löschen - rename to “Stillen” as in “Blutung stillen / to stop bleeding” or “Durst stillen / quench thirst”. “Schlürfen/Slurp” could also work. Change “Reisetempo” to “Bewegungstempo”, “Gesundheit” to “Leben”
  • Knochenmark-Trinker - “Gesundheit” to “Leben”
  • Krampfadern - “Geronnene Blutkugel-Explosionsbereich” requires so called Durchkoppeln, so you need a dash between every word. “Geronnene-Blutkugel-Explosionsbereich”. Alternatively, and consistent with the description of the damage in the same node: “Explosionsbereich der Geronnenen Blutkugel”

To be continued.



  • attack speed - Angriffstempo


  • cast speed - Zaubertempo


  • health - Leben


  • movement speed - Bewegungstempo

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