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German Last Epoch Community Challenge 2 [DLECC2] & German Content Creators/Streamers

I just wanted to give a shoutout to @TriKster and @Zerosorc for hosting a even within our german speaking Last Epoch Community.
(If you wanna join: Last Epoch German Community)

So this is already the second iteration of this event, the first one is already finished.

So far both events lasted 9 days, from Friday to Sunday, the following week.
On the first challenge we all played a variation of Detonating Arrow Marksman.

On the second iteration, that is still currently running the only restriction is to use Fireball.
The goal is to complete the highest arena wave in Solo Softcore within the 9 days timeframe.

I regularly stream on wednesdays and saturdays (and sometimes spontaneously) and this kind of event got me motivated in playing builds or characters i would probably not otherwise have played, i started focusing some of my stream about this event character.

Today i will do another non-scheduled stream at 8pm UTC+2 (in about 1hr 15m).

Feel free to stop by and say hello. I am a german streamer, but i do stream in english.

Also in case you are speaking german, feel free to check out both hosts of this event:

TriKster just started streaming during our community challenge, give him some love.

Zero is also creating alot of german YouTube Content for LE, ranging from build guides, to explanation videos

It is amazing to see, how the LE Community evolved and i am eager to see more people joining this amazing community and either participating in events, watching people live on any platforms, interactin in the forums.

And hopefully soon we will also be able to play together!

Cheers from Germany!



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