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Generic Shards > provide at vendor, remove from drops

F it good luck

As much as I don’t think it’s necessarily a “bad” idea, I don’t think it’s necessary. These very common shards drop so much I had over 1k of all the common ones I needed before I started really crafting. Just my opinion and I know everybody has their own.

I’ve read all your recent suggestions and I fear the game will become far too easy if all is implemented.


Honestly, I have no idea what you want to accomplish with your suggestion.

I’d imagine that it would be tedious to restock the generic shards at a vendor.

Having 900 health shards in your forge stash doesn’t harm anybody. Also the number of clicks needed to pick shards up will not be reduced significantly, because they are sucked in along with other shards.

Maybe I don’t see the great benefit of this or any flaws with the current implementation. Maybe you want to explain your thoughts behind your suggestions a bit more extensively.

MAKE SHARDS GREAT AGAIN (ie. improve quality, reduce quant) Is it clear now?

A random thought accured, I dont like it much myself but perhaps it could be tweaked.

What do you think about using Diablo 3’s Gem Combining as a Shard Combiner.

10 Tier 1 Shards Combine To 1 Tier 2
10 Tier 2 Shards Combine To 1 Tier 3
10 Tier 3 Shards Combine To 1 Tier 4
10 Tier 4 Shards Combine To 1 Tier 5

So 10,000 Health Shards would be a Tier 5 added to an item

This could also open up the field that bosses/Rares could drop higher Tiered affixes.

Idk if i like it though. Might make crafting to easy. Just an idea