General Unique/Set Suggestions Thread

This thread is for players to come up with unique/set ideas for the game.

Unique Amulet

+10 all primary attributes.
-30% mana regen.

When you go from negative to positive mana, your next spell that costs 50 or more mana deals 50% more damage. That spell is put on a 30 second cooldown. That spell ignores cooldown reduction from other sources. This effect is inactive while that spell is on cooldown.

My only feedback for this thread is to remove negative effects from all current and future uniques . It just isn’t right . Make those orange drops exciting .

So say we all!

Disagree! I respect your opinion, but whenever I see this kind of feedback in any ARPG, the person acts as if this was everyone´s opinion, which ist simply not true!
There are many people like me, who think it is interesting and fun when items give you great power, but also some drawback to build around. Items that are just super powerful with no drawback or no need to specifically build for are boring in my opinion. Yes there should also be a fair share of relatively good unique items with no drawbacks at all, but those with extremely powerful stats, mechanics etc. should always come with a cost and require you to think. Then you can still choose to either build your character in a way that it compensates for the drawback or you can just accept the drawback and have an item that offers risk and reward. It also creates design space in which different items cancel out each others drawbacks or even cooler turn a drawback into a buff for your build because it changes certain mechanics.


well said, elder.

Make the unique effects an affix (or two for the really good ones) on the item and let us craft on them. That way they interact with the crafting system. Make them lose their unique affix on a damaging fracture which they are already at the threshold for from the unique affix. That way we’ll end up consuming them when trying to craft big affixes on them so there will be increased demand and something of an economy.

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