General info on speed-Run campaign to alts

While levelling my 3rd char (2nd online one) I decided to take notes on
quests for future planning rush campaign runs for alts.
Its not my intention to make game or the experience of playing trivial,
but in fact to make the process of leveling alts less grind and not an
“endurance” time.
(thanks to Heavy, got some info from old posts).
Some of the quests might be listed under the wrong chapter because
game sometimes would not update it real time If I did not log out.
This is not intended to newcomers, but all fell free to do whatever you
want. Its a biased and personal guide through all chapters in campaign,
with the option to jump from chapter 5 to 9 and still getting all passive
points & idol slots.
I strongly advise to not skip any of the quests if this is the first time you
are playing the game.
Feel free to add any suggestions to it. Ill be glad to improve it.

these links have a more friendly view with different colors for important things.

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Boot – Lesson of Metropolis (No level requirement) - (4-7% implicit movement speed + 5-10% mov speed) – If 1 Legendary Potential, priority is trying to craft it with t6 or t7 movement speed, Second affix priority I can think is trying to get Cooldown Reduction, helps spamming movement abilities faster.

Boot – Stormtide (Level 24) - (7-9% implicit movement speed + 25% mov speed) – If 1 Legendary Potential, priority is trying to craft it with t6 or t7 movement speed, Second affix priority I can think is trying to get Cooldown Reduction, helps spamming movement abilities faster.
The onus downside of getting shocked for 4 seconds when stop moving wont hurt and can be disregarded.

Boot – MourningFrost (Level 24) (7-9% implicit movement speed + 10-20 % mov speed) – If 1 Legendary Potential, priority is trying to craft it with t6 or t7 movement speed, Second affix priority I can think is trying to get Cooldown Reduction, helps spamming movement abilities faster.

Gloves Fighting Chance (level 15) – 5-10% movement speed, if Legendary Potential help even more. The 5-10% increased damage taken can be disregarded, as we are having great itens to rush.

Ring (Arboreal circuit) (No level requeriment) – (3-8 implict mov speed + 5-10% mov speed)

Ring (Quicksilver Coil) (Level 12) – (3-8 implict mov speed) – 10-30% to gain haste for 1 second on hit.

Body Armour (The Falcon) (No level requeriment) – (15% mov speed if you have hit na enemy in the last 5 seconds).

(Firestarters Torch) (No level requeriment) – (4% mov speed – Sceptre – 10 melee and 3 spell damage) – 14 to 26% chance to inflict spreading flames on hit - in my experience no flat damage in affixes, weak for leveling, specially bosses.

Weapons (Humming Bee) (Level 6) – (3-7% mov speed – sword – 10 melee damage) 6 ward gained on melee hit, 1% chance per 20 ward to gain haste for 2 seconds when you use melee attack. Probably good for off hand.

Since patch 0.9.1 we have new and powerfull leveling itens called Weavers Will. (Side note that although I say levelling itens, they can also fit as BiS endgame itens.)
We have ring, Gloves, Boot, Shield and Relic. They are all low level requirement (relic a bit more high with level 30), but the others from level 15 to 18.
And depending of the RNG and which affixes you get in the iten, they can bring a huge power spike early on in the campaign.

Chapter 1

  • The keepers (Main quest) – Fortress path – 1 passive point (gained as soon as entering “The Keepers Vault” . Easy.

  • Storeroom Sabotuers – Enter storerooms in map Fortress Walls – 1 passive point (easy)

  • Keeper vault (main quest) – Find Baltha – 1 passive point

  • Missing in the Highlands (Fitz the Grole Farmer NPC) – search missing keepers – useless.
    Be advised that talking to clicking in the NPC in the map where the exclamation point is will trigger the quest anyway, even before accepting it in the city, and you will have to talk back in city to complete it.

  • The Shard (main quest) – just rush through maps till you get to “The Summit map” – No usefull reward.

Chapter 2

  • The Last Refuge (main quest) – just rush - No usefull reward.

  • Evacuation – The Last Refuge Outskirts - Evacuate 3 soldiers – 1 passive point - Just rush

  • The Void Assault (main quest) – The Council Chambers - 4 idol slot – Just Rush

  • Erza’s Ledger or Arterms offer – Erza’s study – 1 passive point & Unique Avarice Glove or 1 passive point & Amulet Gamblers Falacy. Can only complete one of them. Do it while doing Finding Panion main quest.

  • Finding Panion (main quest) - Erza’s Libray – 1 passive point – Just Rush

  • Armoury Aid – The armoury – just rush, same path to do main quest. Useless, but its in the way to do main quest, going through the Upper district is probably slower…

  • Saving Last Refuge (main quest) – The Lower District (Avoid Upper district path, go through the armoury rushing to objetive (you will have to defeat a raid doing the side quest Armoury Aid, and achieve lower district). In map “The precipice you will find first time rift to Ancient Cavern. Nothing interesting there just rush.

Once you achieve The End of Time you choose Mastery and gain 1 Passive Point.

  • The Lesser Refuge(appear in the end of chapter 2, NPC Geova the Archivist in map The Council Chambers) – can be completed in Shattered Valley chapter 3 – you will have to go through “The Abandoned Tunnel” map (its kinda very long map) & “The Lost Reguge” map. But I guess its Worth… 2 passive in one quest… - 2 passive points

  • An Ancient Hunt (appear in the end of chapter 2) – Can be completed entering time rift in “The Shattered Valley” map in chapter 3 - 2 idol slots

Chapter 3

  • The Ruined World (Main quest) – The Sheltered wood & The Surface &the forsaken Trail & Cultist Camp – Just Rush everything.

  • Arriving in The Surface you can go up the maps and activate Lightless Arbor dungeon waypoint.

  • If beating boss of the dungeon (Level 20 area T1) you can follow the path and leave in Corrupted Lake (chapter 4). You skip almost all chapter 3 (and dont loose any useful reward.

Arrinving in cultist camp you will have to go through 3 quests:

  • 1- The Symbol of hope (Main Quest) – Welryn docks – no usefull rewards, but its mandatory.

  • 2- The Last Imperial (Main Quest) – Rush to Welryn Undercity – You will have to go through Ruins of Welryn, you can do the sidequest Clearing the Ruins. Same path. No Usefull rewards, but its mandatory.

  • 3- Sanity in the Darkness (Main quest) ) – The Ritual Site - do the other 2 first. No Usefull rewards, but its mandatory.

  • Clearing the Ruins (Halindor NPC in map “Cultist Camp) – Ruins of Welryn – Useless (its in the way of doing The Last Imperial Main Quest) but take you to the edges of the map that is not necessary to go.

Then Rush everything again to Eterra temple and to objectives. No useful reward.

Chapter 4

  • A Study in Time - Available as soon as arriving in Imperial Era map “The Outkast Camp”.First go to “The Great College” map in Imperial Era, then go back to Ruined Era map “Ruins of Welryn, enter the Great College (The Ruined College) there. Then back to Imperial Era. 1 passive point.
    Long quest. Skip it (Dont talk to NPC arriving in Outkast Camp Imperial Era “ANSELLA). There are other quests to get all passive points.

  • The Immortal Empire (Main Quest) – High chance to bug when you find the NPC. You talk to him and nothing happens. You can either move to next zone and the quest will auto complete or relog to the game to try to fix it. Other than that rush to Risen Lake. Arriving there there is rift to currupted Lake. Triggers side quest with usefull rewards. No usefull reward (for the main quest).

  • The corrupted Lake – dont go down/right , go far left. 1 passive point & 2 Idol Slots.

At this point you can go up the maps and activate Soulfire Bastion dungeon waypoint.

  • If you defeat Dungeon Boss Cremorus (Level 45 area Tier 1) and follow the path aftert the fight, you will arrive in map “Kolheim Pass”, next to map “Champions Gate” (Arena Map). And skip chapters 5 and 6, going from chapter 4 to chapter 7.

The other map “The Ruins of Etendell” will have a side quest that only appears in chapter 8.

  • The Admiral Dreadnought (Main Quest) – rush everything to Imperial Dreadnought – 3 idol slots

Chapter 5

Arriving in “The Shining cove” there is a Time Rift blocked. You need to accept the quest “The Sapphire Tablet” in the Oracles Abode. The quest will enable the door to open.

  • The Oracles Aid (Main Quest) - Rush to Majelka. Find Sigils mini quests.
    blocked way “Rune” will be opened. 1 passive point.

  • Hidden Gems – In the same route of main quest, in Majelka. 1 passive point.

  • The Sapphire Tablet – back to “The Shining cove”. 1 passive point & 2 idol slots.

At this point you can enter map The Temporal Sanctum and activate its Waypoint.

  • Now you can enter Temporal Sanctum dungeon and leave in a place that triggers Chapter 9, skipping a good part of the campaign.

. You need a key

. You need to successfully finish the dungeon (it’s lvl area 55). Last I started this chapter I was level 34.

. After defeating the boss, you can go through the tunnel behind the eternity cache and appear in chapter 9. Go into the Divine era with the Dungeon Swap Ability. If you interact with the eternity cache the door will open.

** If getting all side quests till now you will have 14/15 passive points and 5/8 idol slots. Its possible to complete them with chapter 9 quests. After finishing chapter 5 I had 14/15 passives points and 5/8 idol slots. And level 36.

** Note, that you still can enter Monolith regardless if you use this skip or not and since MoF is much easier than chapter 9 for a lot of chars, it might be not even worth it.

  • ** You will have 3 easy Idol quests and 3 easy passive points quests after the skip.

At first If skipping the other chapters you wont be able to easily enter arena :confused:

BUT… You can finish Soulfire Bastion Dungeon and follow the path to arrive next to Arena Map J

Chapter 6

  • Journey to the Necropolis (Main Quest) - rush to “The Lower Sewers”. In the way you will find timerift “The Verdant Lakes” in map “Rust Lands”. Kinda useless, exploring the map you will find boss Orchirian The Rampant and Unique Orchirians Petals.
    Rush to “Yulias Haven”. No usefull reward.

  • Alrics Revenge – Nests of the fallen - 1 passive point (if taken all other quests with passive points rewards you have completed 15/15 passive points and dont need more quests like this. A bit of long side quest, diferente map from main quest, better avoid. Its triggered by talking to Alric when you arrive at Yulias Haven map.

  • The Immortal Citadel (Main Quest) – Rush to Immortal citadel – 1 passive point

Chapter 7

  • Rahyehs Warpath (Main Quest) – Rush to Heoborea. – No usefull rewards.

  • The Temple of Heorot (Main Quest) – Rush to Wengari Fortress - No usefull rewards.

At this point you can go West and activate Champions Gate waypoint, and enter ARENA.

Rush to The Temple of Heorot - No usefull rewards.

  • A Heoborean Cure (Medicine Man – 2 Idol Slots - (Long quest) – Better take Liath’s Tower in Chapter 8. Or better take side quests in chapter 9.

  • Liberating the Nomads (Nomad Leader) – 2 Idol Slots (easy) in the way of going to “The Wengari Fortress”.

  • The Lance of Heorot (Main Quest) – rush to Tomb of Morditas - 3 Idol Slots (easy)
    (if taken all other quests with idol slots rewards you have completed 8/8 idol slots and dont need more quests like this.

  • Heorots Last Blessing (Main Quest) – No usefull rewards.

Chapter 8

  • Passage through Deep Harbor (Main Quest) – Rush to Deep Harbor & Burning Pier – No usefull rewards.

  • Deep Harbor Rescue (Deep Harbor Chieftan) – Useless

  • Liath and Thetima (Main Quest) – Rush to Thetima – No usefull rewards

  • Etendell map is useless, but if entering there you will trigger a sidequest with gold and experience as reward

  • Liaths Tower (Liath, I guess there is no way to skip this one without having the guide text in your screen ) - 1 passive point & 2 idol slots. (easy)

  • To Shell With it (Trade Prince Melvern) – map The Coral Pools, talking to Trader Pearton trigger another mini quest, boring one. Useless - AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  • Isle of Storms (Main Quest) – Rush to The Temple of Lagon – No usefull rewards

  • Sirens and Sailors (Stranded Captain) – Useless (I guess this quest triggers if entering map The Strand of Storms, even if you dont talk to npc…) Anyway its easy and quick one. You will have to go through map for main quest.

  • Lagon (Main Quest) – Rush to Seafloor Colosseum – 1 passive point.

Chapter 9

  • Journey To Majelka (Main Quest) – Rush to Cross Road and Majelka. No usefull rewards.

  • Hartons Idol (Captain Harton) – Same way of main quest (Crossroads map). 2 Idol Slots (easy) (If taken the skip from chapter 5 to 9 this wont be in your normal way)

  • The Missing Merchant (Teledji The Merchant) – Same way of main quest (The Dry River map). Useless

  • The Scalebane (Main Quest) – rush to Majelka Slums – No usefull rewards.

  • Arjani, The Ruby Commander (Zerrick) – Same way of Main Quest (Majelka Lower District map) – 2 Idol Slots (easy)

  • Desert Treasure – Triggers while running Majelka Slums and entering cave hideout. 1 passive point & 2 idol slots (easy).

  • Oasis Hunt (Merchant) – Same way of Main Quest (The Oasis Map) – 1 passive point (easy) Triggrs automatically by walking in the map.

  • Grand Theft Eagle (Main Quest) – Rush to “The Airie”. No usefull rewards.

  • Too Greedily, Too Deep (Desert Spitter) – Same Way of Main Quest (Crystal Mines map) - 2 Idol Slots (easy)

  • Apophis and Majasa (Main Quest) – Rush to Upper Temple, then to Lower Temple - 1 passive point // +1 to all Atributes


Not much activity here lol :smiley: Just wanted to say thanks for compiling this, been searching for a written format (to have on second monitor, easier than trying to follow along a video for sure) of campaign speedrunning in prep for 1.0 and have not find much until i saw this.

Is this still up to date (I know it might not be for 1.0 but I mean as of right now?)



I must’ve missed this when it first got posted. Great writeup @eliel77.

since this might get some more attention, perhaps some updating is in due course?

Like some of the new Weaver’s items are great for leveling. You can start with three( ? - boots, shield, ring) at like level 15/16/17 if you’ve had any drop on previous characters.

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This should (imho) specifically be for a fresh start scenario exactly because it might get more attention due to new/returning players for 1.0. A version for alt leveling is less important at this point in time (but obv if he got the time and will to do it, awesome). Again, jsut my thoughts as a returning player myself.

This is actually meant to be for alts. This is even in the title of the thread.
And explained several times by the OP.


:joy::joy: nice that it’s useful for someone else.
The campaign hasn’t changed yet about these quests, maybe I have a small update at home .

I’ll update it later, but it’s basically the same, maybe with some minor corrections.

About the itens I dont have the time to add the new itens ,

For now Ill just mention that new weavers will itens can be very usefull and powerful for leveling, since they can have much power early on.

Feel free to detail me any suggestions , and I can add it.

new link to updated pdf file:

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Torn about this.

While I understand some people will say “what about those of us who don’t have time to invest,” I sort of feel like a new player should not be getting a walk through of an aRPG. The campaign and early monos really are the single best way to learn how to play the game. After that, I’d recommend new players start to ask questions and dig in with all the online stuff.

But I realize this is purely my own opinion and is not a suggestion to the devs or anyone else.


Might want to add:

Ch1: If you dont talk to the women in town after the old dude gets kidnapped by the bird man, then you lose out on a passive.

In ‘The Citadel Sewers’ you can no longer rush through, you have to kill the patrolling enemies, it’s best to go to the north west, and follow their patrol the opposite way, if you’re quick enough you’ll kill the last one just as your about to get to the exit.

A Heoborean Cure adds like, 30 seconds max, if you route it well into doing the heoborea section.

Havent done stuff after here for a long time, so nothing to add for those bits.

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This is actually meant to be for alts. This is even in the title of the thread.
And explained several times by the OP.

Yeah i totally get that, but there will exist 0 alts at 1.0 cycle start. I am not saying “bro we need to get people who never touched the game through campaign asap” I am saying that if he wants the guide to be relevant for 1.0 (which again, is his choice, I am not expecting anything) it should be from a fresh start perspective.

Maybe I expressed myself poorly, my bad if that’s the case. Cheers.

I get this, but maybe its just a play with words. My first char at 1.0 could be considered an ALT, since I have 6 others that have done the same campaign in non-cycle.

Both a new player and a veteran can be in a fresh start, and with this perspective Im not comfortable to recommend this to every fresh start. In fact I want new players to full enjoy the campaign, as its an important to learn the game cores and mechanics.
But its all about each one decision

I wont lie, Im glad this one find someone who liked it, even though it took some months :smile:
I thank you for your reply

But Im not doing it with the main purpose to become popular, as you, some time ago I was searching for a written format guide and could not find one, so I decided to write one for myself.
Ultimately this was something for my personal interest, and just like my videos of builds I upload in Youtube, I dont mind “popularity”, I just share them because its something I like doing and it might help someone else. I dont have the time to edit professionally or nicely my “things” and give too much attention to update them, so I just stay “low profile”.

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True, but there will be many alts at 1.0 legacy start.