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So far I’ve been enjoying the game a lot. The graphics are amazing, the soundtrack is cool and the part of the story that I’ve played through so far is really good. I like a lot of the mechanics that I’ve come to know from other games and they’ve been implemented nicely! I’d like to make a few suggestions that might be worth considering.

Item comparison:

  1. You can toggle auto-compare in the settings or you can press and hold CTRL while hovering an item to compare with the currently worn one. The boxes, however take up the whole inventory space. I have enabled auto-compare and it could be a good idea to either make the stat item boxes appear on a different space than the inventory, or maybe make them transparent to an extent so that we can see what else is in the inventory.

  2. Maybe consider adding a short delay before the stat window opens while hovering an item in the inventory with the cursor.

Equipping an item:

While having a one-handed weapon and shield equipped, I can’t equip a two-handed weapon to replace them both, unless I unequip them first. It could be a nice QOL addition to make it so that if I right click a two-handed weapon in my inventory (while using both weapon slots separately) it replaces whatever weapons I’m using.

Destructible items in the environment like crates:

  1. The hitbox seems to be a little weird. Using a sword and clicking with an attack command or a melee skill on a crate, my character had to be practically against the surface of the crate in order to be able to hit it. I don’t know about programming and game designing, but it feels like the hitbox of the crate may have the same center point as the crate we see, but it’s dimensions are smaller than the crate we see. It would feel better, to me at least, if the destructible object was destroyed when my attack reached it’s surface.

  2. I destroyed a table in The Last Archive and a pair of gloves drop, which were at the elevation of the table. As a result, clicking on them to pick them up didn’t work. I guess my character couldn’t reach them. So maybe they could drop on the ground since the table no longer exists.

  3. I would like an option to make it so that while holding the left click to move around, if (while still holding it) I put my cursor over a destructible object, my character attacks it and then continues to follow my cursor (I have the move or break destructible command on my left click, but to break one I have to let go of the left click and click again).


  1. Sometimes it is more comfortable to use the right Enter key (the one in the numpad, assuming the keyboard has one). Could that be made so that it also brings up the chat and the cursor in it?

  2. The names and health bars of enemies that appear at the top of the screen remain for a few seconds after the enemy has been defeated or I’m no longer hovering their model (without yet having engaged in combat). You could consider reducing the delay for the name and health bar to disappear to a shorter duration (maybe half a second or so).

  3. The skills describe what the character will do, but don’t include damage numbers. The information that appears while having pressed and holding the ALT key is amazing, that is a great feature with a lot of useful information, but still no damage numbers appear. Do the skills do a percentage of the character’s weapon’s damage? I don’t know. It would be pretty nice to know what my skills are doing damage-wise, with information provided in the game. I see something will be added in phase 4, so that could cover me. I guess I’ll have to see what it is when the time comes.

  4. A nice addition would be for some information to show up while hovering the yellow exp bar at the bottom of the screen. Some common pieces of information that appear at such cases in other games that can be useful to a player are current level, current exp, exp to next level, next level.

NPC Interaction:

  1. Sometimes when I click on a npc to talk to them, the dialogue box appears for a moment and disappears. I have to click again to bring it up again. I suspect that is not intentional. I do really like though, that no highlighted silhouettes appear when I hover an npc with the cursor to talk to them. Please don’t change that :slight_smile:

  2. If I have my inventory open, as well as my character sheet, talking with a vendor and asking to “shop” doesn’t do anything. It may be your preferred style, but you could also consider making that action override the open windows and close them to show the shop and the inventory (as it does if I click on “shop” without having any windows open).

Mechanics Information:

  1. I doubt this is the only occurrence in the game, but it’s the one I’ve come upon. An amulet, called Gambler’s Fallacy, has two stats on it that include the word “recently”. There is no clarification on that. Holding ALT doesn’t explain anything about it. How many seconds is “recently”? Is it gauged by something other than just time (seconds)? If so, what? Some information about that could be included. It can be obstructive and cumbersome to have very much information on the screen at one time, especially if the player isn’t interested in seeing it. Maybe such an explanation could be included while ALT is being held.

  2. Looking at my character sheet I can tell how much armor I have and get a general explanation about its role and the threshold for the extra protection. The amount of armor is shown as a flat number and the threshold as a percentage. There’s no indication to help me figure out how much that armor is protecting me. Does it reduce every single hit (besides damage over time, as stated) by the flat amount? Does that flat amount compare to an attack rating or something similar of the attacker and then mitigate an amount of damage based on that? Maybe a percentage of damage? More information is always appreciated.


An option to not have any sound while the game is not focused would be useful.

Thanks for reading!

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Hey dude!
Welcome to LE!

Just to answer your last 2 questions:

  1. Recently means “4s”, if not stated otherwise
  2. The % shown below the flat armour number is not the threshold. It’s your current damage mitigation from hits.

Also, if you haven’t discovered already: hit “G” ingame to open the game guide. Many things are well explained there.


Hey, thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:
Oooh I see, my bad there. Oh I had no idea! Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to check it out!!

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