General feedback on campaign

First of all, great game.
Some feedback: please check spawn points on boss fights. It happened often that when I died I spawned at end of one zone too far - I spawned (load time) and had immediately zone change (load time). Could it be done in only one load?
When players die to lagon at end of chapter 8, please have text on death screen that they can go to monoliths to level and improve gear. Lagon is around same level as monos, so I even though that it’s as design;)
Please consider letting joining factions before lagon, for similar reason. Maybe block progression above 1st tier untill he’s killed?
And for monoliths - consider spawning reward chests and mono navigation at end of monolithis instead of in end of time - saves load time

Areas are weirdly thought out in general.
You reset all mobs (but not loot on the ground) when leaving and coming back.
You have waypoints right next to boss fights, or even right in the middle of massive groups of monsters (The Ruins of Welryn in the Ruined Era).
Some areas have their waypoint meters away from where you enter them from the safe haven.
Some areas are just the boss arena.

And so on. It’s quite weird to see all those choices.

Just to step in and say. This is not intended design but a technical limitation currently. The devs want to change this.