Gender locked classes

First off i have zero issue with anyone expressing themselves in any way. Freedom of though, deed and expression should and must be PARAMOUNT. However the Freedom of all of us who have no desire to play opposite gender characters should also be respected and for that reason i request that you guys make all classes available for both genders and to make it interesting even in alternate creative gender expressions.
Thank you.

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jesus, here we go again. If you need to play a ARPG character that fits your gender look some help. Is just a videogame.
There is no character editor. Im bald. i cant identify myself because the only one bald character is black. and i’m white!!!
enjoy a great ARPG and if you cant enjoy it because genderlock or agelock or hairlock just look for help.


I’m against developers wasting their time and money to implement one feature that is important to a couple of wokes and no one else. It can be used with much more benefit to increase the stability of the game and the development of new game features.


I just genuinely don’t think you comprehend how unreasonable it is to expect this. The monstrous amount of work you are asking for would be like making an entirely new game

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If you use the search button, there are countless threads about this still open, including reasons why this isn’t a priority yet.


Nope. :smiley:

No. For a game, paramount is a functional, enjoyable game.


Lets not turn this in to a race issue or any other discrimination. What issue are you having with people wanting to play as there own gender?, Why is it so difficult to add a chose your gender to the game and why you think forcing people to play opposite gender or for that matter forcing anyone to do anything they don’t like is ok? Lastly just becouse you are ok with it it doesent mean everyone else is. Its that simple.

Nah, game’s fine the way it is. Reminds of me oldschool games. Could you play as female Master Chief? Could you play as a male Amazon in D2? Could you play as male Lara Croft in Tomb Raider?

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Search before posting. There is no reason for another thread about this non-issue.

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Logistically, a single character model cuts down on a LOT of animation work.

Story-wise, each character has a certain background and story already implemented, which defines who they are. This game isn’t Baldur’s Gate, you don’t get to play as you, you get to play as one of 5 fictional people.

And let’s not go into the whole “freedom of expression means requirement of platform” thing. You are free to not play a certain gender or race. But EHG is not required to provide alternatives for you to play a class. The options were clear within the first 2 hours of you playing the game. If you think the character model restriction is not worth your money, go refund, please.


What I realy hate is this toxic framing: It is not gender locked. There was no EHG developer team removing the default ARPG Gender selection from the unity engine. There ist no one “stopping” you from selecting your gender. There is no one stopping you from flying. You simply cant do it!. Character customisation is a missing feature. You cant select you nail polish, your hair cut , your eye color, your gender, your breast size, how large you are or your nose.

Is ist nice to select you gender? Offline (and I prefer oflline) I don give a … Online - yes I prefer my gender to avoid confusions. How much would I pay for a DLC enabling this? 2€

How much will you pay? How many DLC you think you could sell? For your price? And how many developer you need to pay for your wish?

“First off guys, I have no issues with this. Now, let me tell you about all my issues with this.”


You can tell OP is in their early 20s because they talk about gender rights and freedoms.

They could just be an egg.