Gender locked classes

Short Answer, it isn’t going to change so continuing to ask is pointless and frankly in ARPG"s a waste of time. In MMO’s where you are up close to your character, you’re just playing the nameless “hero” role, where you’re one of many in a world building a story and reality it makes sense to be customizable in every way (gender, skin color, size, hair color, eye color and so on). In ARPG’s you’re generally playing a set character in an established story. On top of that you can usually barely see your full character due to camera zoom, perspective, and armor. No one plays all the way zoomed in. In other words it doesn’t matter.

For those that its make or break Diablo 3, Diablo Immortal, Grim Dawn, or Titan Quest are available. But the best ARPG ever made D2 doesn’t even have it. I’d suggest those complaining too loudly go try to make a game yourself, realize how much more expensive and time consuming it is then come back and let us know if the complaints hold any merit.

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Awww. necroed again, this thread is the never ending story…

Now, honestly…

This has to be the worst possible argument in pretty much any discussion (even if, sadly, a rather frequent one).
It’s a shame, your first paragraph was fine and I agreed with what you were saying. You should have stopped there.
Anyway, sorry, I don’t have time to elaborate: my brand new car won’t start, so I have to go and build a new car from scratch in my backyard (I can’t decently complain to the seller, making a car is probably hard work, I won’t know until I make one myself).

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First off I don’t really care who likes or dislikes what I say.

Secondly your analogy is idiotic. A better one would have been complaining you bought or want to buy a Ferarri but they don’t have make a crossover or SUV. Instead of looking for brands that do make a crossover, you buy a brand that specifically does not and then complain about the fact it doesn’t with some deluded hope that the company will magically change their business model all because 1% of the people who “might” buy the product will actually buy it in the end. My telling them to go make a game themselves, fund it themselves, and see what that actually entails are more targeted at those who say its easy to do. “its just a female or male model” “we deserve choice”. You deserve nothing. You can choose to buy and play games, but ultimately the companies and people making them are in control of what goes into them. And they certainly aren’t going to pivot their whole business model for such a minuscule amount of people that can’t play a character of a specific gender in a fantasy game where it ultimately doesn’t matter because you can barely see it while playing.

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Not quite, per Judd’s post above (& the many dev posts about it here and on discord), they’d like to but haven’t budgeted for it before launch.

Wanted to try playing during the open playtest.
I only play female sorcerers and saw there only was an option for a dude.
I know the reasons why, it makes sense and as a gamedev myself I understand completely.
But until gender locking is lifted, I’ll skip this game.

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PoE did it right by giving us the Scion which can be any class and is female.

Still gender locked. And it’s not as effective as the mored specialised ascendancies.

It’s females who are the ones most affected by gender locking in games as guys don’t seem to care as much. So yeah, gender locked but not class locked, and is just as effective as the others, my Scions have been my strongest characters.

Seriously. Really. Why is it that so many cares about this Gender-locked Classes?
You have a game with 5 Classes, with 3 Males and 2 Females and then you choose what you wanna play. Why is it so imoprtant for some people that they may be able to choose Male/Female?
If you want to play a Mage, then go ahead, choose your Mage and play it, and that´s it and enjoy the game. I certainly do not need to have the option to HAVE to be able to choose which gender I want to play as.
And if you absolutely GOT TO HAVE this option, then go play one game that has that Option and stop whining about games that does not have it.
If I like the game, I like the game and I play it for the sake of liking it. I do not play a game based on it´s choices between playing Male or Female.
I couldn´t care less about the game having that Option.
I wonder what we get the day, a game comes along and there is ONLY Males, or ONLY Females playable. Imagine MEdia, imagine Forums, imagine all News Channels etc, etc. Oh my, oh my, oohhh the terrible, the terrible. Geez. (Shaking head)

I´m tired of this Discussion of a Topic.
How about discussing these ARPG genre of games that is having Playable Characters with both Vagina & a big Penis and 3 Titties and even more weird shit.
I never hear any complaining about those in different Forums.

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Because for some people it bothers them if the class is the opposite gender as they identify as the character (rather than not really caring as I thonk most do).

Well, yes its a small company but they have made a lot of money. We have at times 30k playing via Steam. Which means they have sold at least 50k copies. This is a million and a half dollars. They are making money. They could make so much more without gender restrictions.

Are they even aware of how iconic the male necromancer is?

I think its better they first fix/upgrade current models & animations etc before adding new gender models.

For me, i don’t get the point in “gender-diversity” in a game, as the game is a GAME - getting through it’s story, feeling the immersion, failing and trying again and finally beating it souhl b (and is for me) the main point in playing it!

It doesn’t really change anything, if your primalist ist male or female or your necro ist female or male, imo.

I do wish for a polished, stable an FUN game to play - gender-diversity in classes sure imo is not needed for that.

Let’s add a ton of workload to the team because you don’t like playing as a man/woman, when you literally cannot see the character 99% of the time during gameplay.
I really don’t understand.

Every gender/class would need their own animations, skeletons, armor adjusted, the list goes on…

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Gender-diversity gives me some kind of allergy, must be boomer issues.

Less gender lock nonsense and more fixing the game! Weapon base attack speed doesn’t work in MP!!!

Anyways, more seriously, I think everything has been said at this point. Lets hope the devs get the success they deserve and this can be a reality in the future (personally I don’t give a damn).

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Do you have any idea how quickly you can burn through that? It’s not like in C&C where you click a button and it swaps your cash for a thing. Stuff takes a while to build and there’s a lot of things they need to add & fix.

Indeed, I’d just point people to Judd’s post early on in the thread & leave it at that.

Maybe leave this very topic ?

It seems that you can’t understand other people point of view. It’s a fine. Just realise that it’s a discussion that is present from the very beginning of the game. Maybe for you it doesn’t matter, but it sure does for a lot of people.

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Since you’ve indicated you have no intention of changing this I will be refunding my Steam purchase.

That is not what Judd said.

They want to do it, they just dont have the resources to do it now since they did not plan/budget for it (pre-1.0).

Ok, then some people hates this Gender locked Class thing. But is it a MUST! that all Developers and Game Companies must have this Gender choice thing locked in?
Tons of people play AGES old or newer ARPGs whether or not they are having the possibility to choose Male or Female or not.
Does your ability to choose gender hinder you to play an ARPG or not? Is this something that truly nags you all the way through the entire game having or not having? Is the feeling of being unable to have the choice of having the option to choose or not choose Male or Female from Start to Finish of the entire game going through your mind all the time while you playing? Geez, then go play another game of this type that has it or play an entirely different genre of game. It sounds sometimes like whether being able or not able to choose Male or Female is going to determine whether it is playable or not for some people. That is just sad if you ask me, if that is going to decide whether you play a game or not.

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