Gearing up advice needed please

Hi all,
I’ve finally got to 209 corruption on my Poison Melee Warlock (Nurgle Knight) and I’ve only picked up The Red Ring as an upgrade and lost my 2h staff that had great stats for a purple. I have no LP gear equipped and I’m starting to feel a little delicate with about 2300 EHP. Anyway, do I start getting better drops now I’m above 200? The only 3LP gear that have dropped for me are 3x Kestrel chest piece, yeah…. 3 of them and no other items, despite farming the Chest piece monolith since I got into corrupted mode.

I really wanted to get a sword (or other 1h melee weapon) and shield with spell power, or maybe a 2h scythe without minion abilities on it. Gear seems to be really limited it seems and it tends to force you out of creating fun builds.

Does anyone have any suggestions for acquiring gear. I’m aware of each monolith offering different gear and the blessings. I’m level 8.5 on CoF, as I’m not a fan of buying gear as it feels like skipping content to me and I want to get my own gear. :hugs: