Gear Temporarily Missing, Couldn't Loot

Pictures for reference:

I went to compare these boots I had picked up in the monolith to my own, and the first picture is what I saw - No gear, just idols. I had just killed the boss so I figured I’d loot the idols from the shrine, leave and relog to see what happens. When I went to grab the idols it told me that there wasn’t enough room, which clearly there was.

So I decided to see what would happen if I dropped one of the idols that I had in my inventory on the ground, and the idol didn’t drop but the weapon I was wearing did… (you can see it in the inventory in picture 2 as where it was absent in picture 1) when I dropped the idol. Thankfully I was able to pick it up as well as the idols I hadn’t looted yet. Picture three is just to show that all of my gear (except the weapon) was still showing visually on my character.

When I logged out to log back in, all of the sudden my helm was missing (visually) in the character select screen (Picture 4). When I logged into the character the helm was “grabbed” by the mouse like I had picked it up from the inventory to move it around. The rest of the gear was there, I dropped the helm in my inventory and equipped the weapon that was still there. So no gear actually went missing.

I promise I’m not high.

The log files are nearly 300MB… I’ll see what I can do about uploading and getting a link. Any preference? (I’ve copied/pasted them to a different directory for the time being)

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