GD-like minion behaviour choices

It’s possible this has been suggested before but I haven’t seen it in posts this year (and the search gives way too many results to keep digging).

Anyway, would it be possible to have something like in GD where you can define the minion aggression? So you could set some minions to aggressive so they move ahead and engage enemies and some to defensive so they always stick to near you?

Likewise, is it possible to add a dismiss ability to the summoned beetles from shrines? They actively harm in a few builds and with the huge number of mobs near shrines sometimes, allied with the fact that hover/tooltips are still wonky) I sometimes end up clicking those by mistake.

In fact, it should be possible to be able to unsummon any single minion, even if it won’t be used most of the time.

Yeah, this has been brought up many times and the devs have said that minion behaviours and control are due a workover, we just don’t know exactly how that will shape up or precisely when we will get it, but we do know they are aware it needs some work.

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