Gathering Storm - Friends of the Tempest Cold Conversion

Gathering Storm Skill
Friends of the Tempest + Frostbringer nodes

Swarmblade Skill
Frost Bites node

Summon Spriggan
Branches of Winter node

Friends of the Tempest doesn’t appear to work even though the locusts are clearly converted to cold. When I use the Earth Smasher node of Gathering Storm without Frostbringer, Frost Bites, or Branches of Winter it works just fine. The issue appears to be with the Friends of the Tempest node, or the interaction between it and Frostbringer. I’ve been using the physical version of this before without issues.


I think it’s cause friends of the storm only works with companion lightning attacks

It should work with conversion. Check the expanded text on Friends of the tempest.
It says “If Gathering Storm is converted to physical or Cold then this requires a physical or cold hit instead.”

Currently it does not. I have tested pretty extensively with summon vines, and they will not create storm charges, where lightning totem (without cold conversion) works well.

I’m having a similar issue with cold conversion Thorn Totems.
Very frustrating, disables 3 of the builds I have been planning <:(

Got similar issues here.
The current behavior is definitely unintended, and somewhat weird.
Gathering Storm (lightning) + Storm Crow (lightning) = friends of the tempest triggered
Gathering Storm (cold) + Storm Crow (cold) = friends of the tempest NOT triggered
Gathering Storm (lightning) + Storm Crow (cold) = friends of the tempest TRIGGERED

Seems that the triggering element is converted, but the triggering minion tag isn’t.

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Yes, the conversion to cold is not working as intended.

Shaman and Druid are primarily Cold, Lightning and Physical.
This bug invalidates roughly `1/3 of the play styles of both classes for stacking Gathering Storm, the new “special” skill.
Especially playing a Shaman main, as I have done for 5 years, it totally removes one of the two strongest damage types that Shaman have - breaks many builds.

That said, I love 1.0, I’m so excited to play, but I’ve benched my Shaman for now until this bug is fixed.

@simpdanny @Stinks

I just ran into this issue, it only works with minions that don’t have their damage converted.