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Gate in awkward spot on Forlorn Streets

A gate can spawn in an awkward spot in the Forlorn Streets Echo. It’s right next to a gap in a fence, making the gap impassable. Monsters spawn on both sides and a melee character has to run around the long way to get to the enemies on the other side. This doesn’t seem intended and it would feel better if the gate were a few meters to the south. Here’s a screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This is probably a bug since the placement of the Gate shouldn’t be such that it prevents relatively easy movement around it.

Probably when you put it that way. It’s hard at times to draw the line between unintended interactions and outright bugs. What’s the protocol for crossposting/moving posts?

Personally I flag the post for moderation, select “something else” & ask that they move it to the bug section.

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Thanks for the report.

This has been noted already internally.

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