Gaming with friends and family

My brother and our normal gaming friends all started at launch and everyone is having fun. I just found the time to start playing, and I also enjoy the game A LOT. So far I only have 2 suggestions. 1) the respec system seems a little weird to me. I wish I could save a build, try something new, and if I want to move back to using an old spell or skill the levels are still there for me to use. Not a huge deal, but given the fact that I have less time it would be nice.
2) There doesn’t seem to be a good reason for me to party up with my brother of friends. I’m told once everyone is closer to min/max then maybe it will make sense but that feels like a real waste. I enjoy playing solo but I would prefer to play with my brother when we both have time.

I’m really loving the game so far, please keep up the good work!

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