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Thought of 3 big suggestions I would really love to see for launch. Rather than make separate threads for each I’ll put them all here at once even though they are very different.

  1. For Multiplayer; have some type of option to temporarily add other player’s loot filters and assume a highlight of their selected loot filter for items that drop THEY are interested in. Or, the option to ‘share’ loot filters in game.

Loot filter is an amazing concept, but for those of us who play in a party with friends or who often play with pugs it would be nice to keep an eye out for loot other’s are interested in. Being able to designate it a separate color would help immensely and give a good sense of community at the end of a run where players could trade or share what they’ve found.

  1. Waiting period on deleting characters.

With last epoch on steam requiring no password to login, it would be nice to have some added protection from pissed off wives, girlfriends, pesky siblings, or even oneself if you are prone to rash decisions. Even a 24 hour ‘undelete’ feature before permanent deletion would be nice and give lots of peace of mind.

  1. Consider adding Boss fights to Arena every 25 or XYZ number of rounds.

Self explanatory. Just would make it a bit more fun. Eventually adding some ‘custom’ non-story bosses or (even better) randomized bosses between a small pool of 2-3 designed specifically for arena would be really fun and the randomness would add quite a lot toward replay value.

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While the other two examples certainly have some interesting applications, not saying good of bad, this one in particularly I can’t get behind. First it’ll be 24 hours. then someone will say, well, it’d be great if we could have a couple of days to think over it, or maybe i want to think about it for a week. At some point I think people need a certain maturity level to say, this is a game, if I rage quit, I don’t get that character back. if my angry wife deletes all my characters life is telling me I should be working on something else.

I’m genuinely sympathetic to a lot of plights folks have but I think this one is a 'resources are better spent in a LOT of other places."


Are they though? From a cost benefit analysis how much work goes into adding this feature versus how much dev time or customer support time is going to be taken up by people requesting characters be restored?

I take your point that at some level people have to take responsibility. That’s of course true. But I’m just saying for a game that can be booted up without requiring a password a little bit of protection would go a long way.

I also agree it’s not really a top priority and definitely not something that should take precedence over other things right now. But let’s not pretend either that even a small bit of extra protection might lead to massive waste of developer time and thus would sacrifice some other, vastly more important feature. That’s just a slippery slope fallacy (ie: a fallacy in which a party asserts that a relatively small first step leads to a chain of related events culminating in some significant (usually negative) effect.

I work in the film industry. My favorite phrase is “we want you to shoot this, it’ll be real quick (or easy).” It used to make me mad. Then I used to laugh. Now I just walk away.

I never presume to know someone else’s business enough to designate what is or isn’t essential.

For the record: not saying you are, I just personally never go anywhere near that.

If it’s all kept on a database (which it would be), then all that should be needed is to change it from ‘immediately delete’, to ‘auto-delete after x days’.

I can’t imagine that it would be difficult to implement, and if people are requesting character restorations (a common enough service in MMO’s), having it delayed by 2, 3 or even 7 days means that they go from ‘Okay, pull back-ups, restore the data, import into database, verify access’ to ‘click button, restore access’.

One is a manual procedure that could take 10-15 minutes every time.
The other could be assigned to a program, requiring zero human intervention.

As far as background for my thoughts goes, I worked in an IT helpdesk where I had access to restore deleted files from servers, and it did take 10-15 minutes if it was recent. Or 2 weeks if it was old.

Boss fights in arena sound cool, maybe in a different arena mode. That being said that also like boss content gated in story progression.

Depending on how trading in between party members/friends work, this is a insane cool suggestion.

I hope we will get both option for instanced loot and shared loot.

I personally tend to play with friends together with shared loot. So when Items lay on the ground, everyone picks out items he is interested in.

But your suggestion is crazy good for temporary parties or if you enjoy instanced loot more.

I only know this feature for some MMO’s, but depending on how hard it is to implement, i’ll guess this does not hurt being implemented anyway.

But i think this should not be very high priority.

I personally despise arena and i really can’t put my finger on it. But anything that spices up arena a bit, would make it mroe interesting for me for sure.