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Hello everyone,

I started writing this properly, in a serious fashion, with deep and mature thoughts about Multiplayer and how this system could make or break the game. But then, I realized that most of you are tired from grinding so I opted for a short and direct approach.

What Multiplayer mode will we see implemented?
Will we see the same formula that’s been overused in every Diablo spawn to date, or will Eleventh Hour Games offer a more creative mindset into the modern Age?

Are we finally going to see a slow paced Multiplayer experience, with a tactical approach to combat, properly designed boss fights and varied group roles?
Or will we see world boss zones, like they’re doing in Diablo 4?

Either way, this game is in serious need of proper modifiers and affixes to be reflected in itemization, mob behavior and ultimately gameplay.
What attracted me to this title was the way they advertised the class system. It gave a sense of diversity, of being able to progress and specialize, thus have options and playing in different ways. Hopefully, tied to the Multiplayer needs, we’ll see more classes that benefit from grouping up, in other words, tanks, support buffers, etc.

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God please no, it’s not an MMORPG, it’s an hack’n’slay, thats why i hope such Group-Dynamics like Holy Trinity and stuff stays away. The Core-Appeal of Multiplayer in Diablo-Esque was since day1 that everyone could do their builds which they had fun with, and trash monster, and don’t need to be focused on the Group Part… your idea would completly destroy that. Let aside that it also is meant to be properly played solo, which wouldn’t work with your suggestion. And for “proper tactical approach” i prefer to have proper (Multiplayer) RPG’s like Divinity Original Sin (2) anyway. I really hope they won’t go the road with LE.


I am pointing out this post:

The whole thread is not up to date but it is very interesting and shows the direction and mindset of the devs.


That’s disappointing to learn.
If this is the current, updated mindset of these devs, Last Epoch will be just another PoE- Wolcen nonsense.
There are many elements in regards to builds from the Sentinel and Mage to whip up some support roles, but it’s pointless to play them if the gameplay is not in that direction.

Still, thanks for linking that post.

It depends… :grin::v:

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Because they’re not planning on making an MMO & ****ing over solo players when the game will have a solo/offline mode?

Why is it pointless, it may not be as “efficient” having a more support-focused build in a party compared to having another dps, but it might be easier. And it might be fun if you like the more supportive builds.


You’re arguing with yourself about those solo players, also if you didn’t understand the MMO example, I suggest you read again.

You’re judging “efficient” for a system that’s not even set.
What the fruit are you talking about?!
What kind of thinking is this lol?
Most supportive builds are group dependent because they are offset and have lackings or cons; Healers lack dps and/or defenses, Buffers lack dps and/or defenses, tanks lack dps etc. All of these work only in a multiplayer scenario, because they need each other’s strengths.
If you still want to just stand endlessly in front of the same mob, playing solo, and just heal yourself until you grow old IRL and die of old age, sure…but that’s not what a game’s direction or determined gameplay should be.

I like the fact that this game has “instanced” end game content. It would be very feasible for there to be an end game zone that acted like a 4 or 5 man “raid” in that it would be entirely too difficult for someone to solo. There are already skills that could be used in a party setting, those things could just be made better for party play. I assume they will need tuned once multiplayer happens anyway. (Smite Healer incoming!)

I could also see Arena growing in that is could have a ladder for multiple player groups. Obviously there would need to be a limit. I always thought 4 character parties were good in role playing games.

There could eventually be competitive options for parties as well. PvP types stuff. Either direct combat or teams against each other in reaching some goal (like capture the flag, or Dota thing, or some sort of survival thing.)

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if you want an MMORPG, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re in the wrong place!

You are narrow-minded if you think that an aRPG can’t have similar elements. If you want a carbon copy of D2, just go play that. Sounds just as absurd doesn’t it?

PoE has PvP. It isn’t popular, but it is still there. They even have the newest league using the Survival (waves) system for the end game boss. They have done Tower Defense league. Heck, Arena in LE is a survival based system. Not hard to add ladders for team arena.

Your idea for organized group content is great, for PvE and PvP scenarios.
I think Lost Ark is doing this.
If Last Epoch would be to implement it, we’d finally have something new for the genre, in the Western Market.
I still need to stress the need for a tactical Multiplayer with good boss mechanics, specific roles or/and tactics.

no moment meant that it could not have elements of MMORPG, only that is not the case with LAST EPOCH, the developers have already made this very clear, that it will not make LAST EPOCH a diablo 4. Mind narrow, they are too syllables for your head.

I would like the game to have features for multiplayer. But that doesn’t mean that I’m for Last Epoch to become an MMORPG.

LA can satisfy several trends, which will evolve in parallel, without being opposed. You should not always see absolute conflicts everywhere.

Peace & Love.


For all its faults, Diablo 3 did multiplayer quite well. It had support Barb (puller) and support Monk (zDPS healer) that only work in MP. Heck, even PoE has aurabots and cursebots, which only work in MP.

I certainly think it’s possible to have MP-only builds in an ARPG if the gameplay pace supports it. It doesn’t work well in PoE because the DPS can clear everything offscreen. Multiplayer only work there in certain places like deep Delve, which has deadly monsters and have slower pace as a result.

I don’t want to play with others so im glad to hear

I spent 2500 hours on Grim Dawn and never played once with anyone else in a game. don’t know how to trade and I have 18+ lvl 100 characters.

Have to trade in PoE in trade league and have occasionally partied with others but I hate it.

Diablo 3 was the worst, you HAD to party to make serious progress on the SOLO ladder. Why? because you carry each other to higher rift levels. Imagine playing in a group on LE in Arena and getting to wave 200 as a group - then imagine if you could then start at Wave 150 SOLO due to your group efforts.

Lame? yes and mainly why I quit. As I would work all day then try to gain xp/push ladder after work and couldn’t compete with people playing in groups for 16 hours a day XPing to dominate the solo ladder when they decided to, no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t matter.

PoE is disgusting for group play as well for XPing and earning currency (PoE gives you a drop bonus for each person in the group which is ridiculous), as far as im concerned people who WANT group play and only do that are extremely lazy and use other players as their ‘minions’ to kill mobs for them while they watch nextflix/pick up loot/do nothing, I actually loathe those players and wish they would not influence the game as it DOES actually affect solo players as the game is balanced around this crap


While i agree that D3 at least had some kind of “group play orientated” multiplayer going , i think it is and was pretty unbalanced, there is and was , depending on the time period always just ONE single combination of certain classes/skills(maybe a few slightly different) in the upper part of the ladders.

But i guess we have to see what the devs have in store for MP. All i can say is from what we know so far, devs always have SOLO player in mind when designing stuff, even the multiplayer aspect. But i have alot of faith in EHG, that they will come up with interesting multiplayer concepts, while not harming people that just wanna enjoy the game purely solo.

D3 is the best example of how NOT TO IMPLEMENT a Multiplayer system.

1.Everything, from monster behavior to itemization and lastly to classes, is built on the backbone of the Story mode, thus you will not find monsters that react differently to a Healing skill or that somehow try to take out a group of players in a tactical way. There are no specific affixes or stats on items that mention group play in any way.
Just because you can also experience the game with 3 other players, it doesn’t make it a multiplayer game. If that’s the case, then Last Epoch has “multiplayer” because of the global chat (LOL).
The game just doesn’t react to you being alone or in a group, other than with increased difficulty which can be easily bypassed alone for some well-geared players.

  1. Another example of how bad D3’s Multiplayer system and implementation of said system is.
    D3 has a Story mode and an Adventure Mode both set in an alternate choice system.

Why lol, why would you make me pick one over the other?

Story mode allows you to level up your character and learn about the world of Diablo .
On the other hand Adventure mode enables you to level up your character and gain specific items needed for end-game content. (access to Greater Rifts)

Why should I waste time with the Story mode when the end-game content has been implemented in Adventure mode?
Is the gameplay different or do I earn anything from Story mode?
So why the fruit should I even bother to play solo, or in a group through the Story mode?

The game doesn’t give a rat’s behind about its Story mode, in fact it has cannibalized it completely through the other modes. Self-trivializing, way to go D3!

That’s because (as I’m sure you’re aware) they forced us to play the same godaweful acts across 3 difficulties for years before they implemented adventure mode to let people get to the bit they wanted to without trudging through the crap they didn’t for every single character…

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That’s why the initial question!
That’s why one should not be excluded for the other and why Story mode should not have been cannibalized by the Adventure mode. It all proves shitty implementation.
We all know Diablo 3’s story. Many like myself have the full franchise and part of it on CDs still.

I would be against affixes specifically for multiplayer. This game is still going to be a solo game at its foundation. Group play should be just that, a group of players playing together. They can make content specifically for that, but they should stay far away from itemization specifically for group play. The way to do it to please everyone is for some classes to have skills that work for allies, which there are. Then have itemization that buffs those things. Like items that buff healing (which also works in solo).