Gamepad - Randomly Cannot Loot Anymore

I’m not sure how to best describe this but I’ll try. I’m writing this now because instead of it being periodically it seems to be stuck like this now.

After playing for a bit, and now seemingly now and then when I click something on my other monitor, I seem to lose the ability to loot items in gamepad mode. Normally you walk up to them and can cycle the selection with the D-Pad and press “A” to loot, but it randomly breaks for me. I can play for an hour looting away at things and then suddenly I can’t anymore, mashing A does nothing and pressing the D-pad just changes the zoom (default behavior for this when not standing on an item). I can pick up the loot with my mouse but that gets annoying. Logging out and back in fixes the problem for awhile, until it happens again.

I’m not sure what is causing this, but it’s frustrating as heck. As I wrote this I was trying to find steps to reproduce it, unfortunately I can’t seem to fix it by relogging anymore so I’m at a loss. I’m not aware of any keybinds that would toggle something like this on and off either.

You didnt mention any specific keybinds. In case you didnt check it, there is a keybind of alt+z (just z for some prior owners) to enable or disable ground tooltips

Thanks, but I know of that one. This isn’t tied to the item filter at all unfortunately. I can see the items just fine but I can’t pick them up while playing with the gamepad. I’m perfectly willing to accept that I may be hitting some button accidentally if only I could figure out what button that was lol. In either case, it’s just “Z” for me, but I pressed both and they had no effect for me one way or the other - but probably because I’m not filtering anything anyway.

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