[GAMECRASH] Titan's Alcove - Spymaster

Game crashes during Spymaster fight in TiTan’s alcove.
Build : Paladin
Active skills : Smite, Lunge, Holy Aura
Game updated to latest patch and file integrity verified

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Quick question… are you using a controller?
There is a known problem with controllers that the devs have confirmed and are fixing and it has caused problems with this exact scenario with the Spymaster fight…

If you are not using a controller then this could be something else and please can you post your system information, game logs, error logs and ingame settings file.

Hi Vapourfire,

No I am not using a controller.

System Info

Game Log

Player.log (11.1 KB)


le_graphicsmanager.INI (534 Bytes)


DxDiag.txt (87.5 KB)


output_log.txt (95.4 KB)


Oh well, the controller problem has been solved in patch H so now we have to delve deeper into your issue…

  1. Please verify your game files if you are using Steam. First step for any problems in the game.

  2. Have you tried to use the low graphics test yet? Temporarily set your in-game settings to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited… ALL in-game settings to very low or disabled… Test and see if you get the same crashing… if you do, then its something else… if the crashing goes away, then you are a victim of the unoptimised beta state of LE and have to be conservative on your in-game settings as a workaround until the devs get to optimising performance… If the crashing goes away then (based on your hardware/settings) I would suggest you leave the res and framerate limits as is… Based on your hardware… I would say leave everything else on very low or disabled… see next point.

  3. You are using an RX 470 - its about 20-30% slower than my 1060 3gb and I have found that I cannot play the game stably (i.e. without crashing etc) if I use any settings higher than Medium - in fact, for best performance & stability, I set the game settings on very low with a 60fps framerate limit at 1080p. I CAN play at higher settings but the GPU usage maxes out, the game gets unstable and fps spikes can drop my fps down to single digits if I do… I.e. your hardware IS going to struggle with the high settings you are currently using… Considering you are also using multiple monitors I would definitely recommend you dont push the LE graphics settings at all.

  4. Your graphics drivers are from 2019… While I dont advocate always using the latest drivers, esp. on older hardware, yours are pretty old and could probably benefit from an update.

  5. The end of your dxdiag contains a diagnostic section that includes all the erros your system is having… You need to go through this and make sure that you know what the cause of any of them are and try to resolve them… I dont speak Dutch but I do understand a dialect so I can just make out what the errors are… There is a gigabyte update running that has crashed - so you may want to check that… There is a LiveKernelEvent 141 error that happens 6 times - this usually refers to a hardware error on your system that can be caused by faulty/corrupted drivers or actual hardware failure… It is very important that you try and resolve this one particular issue - please check your Windows error logs and see if there is anything that will help figure out what the cause may be… If you find an error, Google is your friend. It is likely that the error is your old graphics driver that just needs replacing… Be sure to do a proper driver update using windows safe mode or something like DDU.

I would also run System File Checker to make sure that none of the windows system files are corrupted or missing.

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