Game won't open (steam - windows 10)

Hi guys,

after trying a lot now (checking the game files, reinstalling the game, I even reinstalled windows 10…,), I don’t know what else it could be.
I even already (due to a reddit post) loaded DXVK and put the d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll in the folder with the *.exe.

Here is the problem:
As soon as I want to start the game via Steam, it takes quite a while until the “Last Epoch” window appears and then hangs after another short time. I can see the Last Epoch logo, but nothing else happens - except that Unity starts briefly in the taskbar.

Enclosed I have attached the desired file. I have already looked at the player.log file and it looks like it is still a DirectX problem?

I hope you can help me.

Player.log (19.5 KB)

Hi. Welcome to the forums…

What hardware are you using?

Yes, the player.log is showing all performance related DirectX errors… It is also showing that your GPU is AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series … Thats roughly 200% slower than the minimum required hardware for Last Epoch…

Sometimes older/ slower GPUs can manage to play on reduced resolutions etc, but I am afraid that this might be far too slow…

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thank you for your response. I was almost afraid of it.
The “good” thing is, that this is just a PC at my familys home, not the one i normally use. But I was hoping (because POE and other more challenging games are running “ok”), it will be enough.
So yeah… I will test if the game will work on the way better PC in 5 days :-).

Have a good day.

Sorry about this…

You could try manually editing the settings (or use the file below)… maybe it will launch - doubt it will be nice to play at this… Remember to rename it… same folder as the player.log.

le_graphicsmanager.ini.verylow720.txt (493 Bytes)

Good afternoon. I installed the game, pressed start, a splash screen appears in the window on the desktop, which just hangs for 20-30 minutes and nothing happens. Climbed through the Forums, looked for a solution problem on the Internet. They said that you need to update the Drivers, DirectX, turn off the Antivirus
In general, I did all this, installed the most recent Drivers, DirectX, turned off the Anti-Virus, checked the game files for Integrity, then even installed the Game on Another Disk, in the end nothing helped! My computer is good, and it’s not about the hardware!
And this problem is not my only one at the moment, read the reviews. So if you buy a game, you take it at your own risk and risk. you may not even play the game at all. As a result, I requested a refund.
Before buying, read the reviews in STEAM here:

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Is this image similar to what you see before it crashes? image

If so, it seems to be happening to more people including myself. Hopefully it’s something the devs will investigate soon after they resolve the login/authentication issue and the holidays are over.

:frowning_face: Same issue for me loading the game via Steam. I think it started with the 0.8.4 series of patches. I’ve verified via Steam a few times and it reports game files are fine.

Sorry about this. If you’re still experiencing crashes, please send the information listed in this support article here or contact our support team directly via the support site.