Game was only good for a pump and dump

No new endgame activities in more than 1.5 years? The only new, really fun thing was coming up with builds for the new masteries. Gearhunt is ridic at high levels, more times i went 10+ levels without finding/crafting an upgrade. set items are weak and dumb. optimization is jackshit. guys, get yourselves together, there is so much potential here and youre squandering it. you have the money for it now, too. gogogo

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Pinnacle bosses coming in 1.1. After that I’d expect expansion of the monolith system.
The 1.5 years you are speaking about were spent on 1.0 polish.


I am proud that you openly share your experiences with us. At the same time, I am surprised, as no one has written anything like this here before, and your opinion is absolutely unique. Bravo!

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This and i’d like to add that shifting from Single/Co-op to online is a lot more complex than one would think in terms of stability. As you can see from that first week, it went from unplayable but they fixed that and it has been a lot smoother since.

Yes, they still have a lot of stability issues and many things need to work in terms of content and balances and what not but let’s not forget, 1.0 just recently came out so they are still new… They have a lot more funds since and but give it some time… We all see the potential.