Game STILL failing to place brazilian players on SA servers most of the time

This has been an issue since the multiplayer open beta weekend - the game fails to put brazilian players in the correct server most of the time, myself included… It keeps putting us in US central with 200ms ping. The only way to get into th e SA servers is to join the portuguese global chat and beg people to invite you, it’s getting pretty ridiculous.

I get that issues happen, but i don’t see why we can’t choose our server upon logging in - the current implementation just sets itself up for failure and also makes playing with friends a real drag. I have a friend who lives in US west coast for example - his latency to SA servers is 190-200 and mine to west coast is th e same. The ideal setup for us would be east coast, which’s about 140-150ms for me and 2digit for him still, but this is impossible unless we join through a 3rd person.

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Hi there

The devs have stated elsewhere they are aware of this issue for SA players and are working on it.

If youre interested, you can add your support to my forum suggestion for manual region selection

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