Game Soft Locked - Appears to be a NullReference Exception Thrown from ChatManager.SendChatMessage()

What went wrong?

No skills would go off anymore suddenly around the time a set piece dropped (2H Mace, all I can tell), enemies still attacked and pulled, I died, respawned, soft-locked in a T-Pose to assert dominance. Pressing T does nothing. Seems to be a NullReferenceException thrown in Unity. Have a look at the log below :slight_smile: (that was my user experience. But I saw that it was a NullRef in logs. Almost forgot: Verified Game file integrity, 919 Files were successfully validated.)

output_log.txt (2.8 MB)

T-Pose Man


To Add to this: Look at the chat log. I loaded the game. Played Merrily. Chat message came through - Thatโ€™s when my actionbar stopped working. all I could do was run around. when I died, I clicked Respawn, sassed in chat that something was badly bugged, and notice that sexy 0 HP in my HP Bar.

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